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Moments of the Mother-Son Relationship

Motherhood: Roots and Wings

Lisha can be found sharing at This post was originally featured there.  The other day, a man walked into my house. He was driving my son’s car. He was wearing my son’s clothes. He even called me “Mom.” But I had never seen this man before. He bore a vague resemblance to a boy I dropped …

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strained mother-son relationship

My Grown Son Hates Me

I gave birth to a sweet little baby boy. He was a beautiful baby with bright blue eyes and colic. I had to stop nursing after three months because he chewed my nipples off.  This was probably the first sign that we were going to be at odds. I ignored it, naturally. When he was …

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Moms Never Really Let Go

Vilma blogs regularly at That Girl is back! and this post was originally published there.  I apologize to the Helicopter Mom Police but today I was one of those moms. I trailed behind my son, in my own car, as he drove to school. No need to gasp, it was his first solo expedition and he had …

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