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Rituals Without Rules

Pennie can be found over at The Accidental Blogger. This post originally appeared there. In 2005, we accidentally started a tradition: we set our Christmas tree on fire. My mom and son had built a Handy Man fire pit. We were shy of firewood, we did, however, have a dry tree. I honestly don’t recall if we stuffed the tree that first year, …

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Changing Family Traditions

As our family ages, its traditions are shifting. Christmas has always been celebrated at our house with gift opening in the morning and a huge feast in the evening. Even when we were newlyweds, 36 years ago, everyone came to our house. I loved to do all the cooking. And trust me when I say it …

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Losing My Thanksgiving Virginity

Andrea Jarrell is an essayist with a fairly newfound flair for holiday meal prepping. Connect with her on Twitter @andreajarrell. My place in the preparation of the Thanksgiving meal has always been that of scullery maid, table setter, or dishwasher. My mother’s little sidekick, I wholeheartedly embraced these roles, being far more interested in how …

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