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delicious and easy sweet potatoes

Super Easy Baked Sweet Potatoes

  Visit Nancy Fox at to see more of her recipes, like this one for easy baked sweet potatoes. My family adores sweet potatoes. I love making them year round, not just for Thanksgiving. My favorite way is to bake them, which brings out their natural sweetness. Once baked, I love to fill them …

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Easy and Delicious Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Tacos Recipe

Kate can be found sharing simple recipes like these that she makes for her five daughters over at My Mommy Brain. This recipe was originally featured there.  Shrimp tacos are one of my favorite dinners to make! I have them down to a science now, so when I have the ingredients on hand it really only …

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

We all know that it’s the perfect time of year to start some new eating habits. After all the cookies and sweet treats this holiday season, we’re ready for fresh, delicious and healthy foods. You’re going to love these baked sweet potato fries. They’re delicious and so much better for you than actual fried fries! …

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