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Ghosts of Halloweens Past

“Costumes!” screams the sign at the corner of the strip mall as I pass by. “Glad I’m done with that,” my mind screams back. I immediately feel guilty. My daughter, our oldest, is now away at college. Her younger brother, a high school sophomore, is more interested in taking his girlfriend to the homecoming dance …

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Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween costumes for pets are big business. They are an intersect between the seven-billion-dollar Halloween industry and the sixty-billion-dollar pet industry. We love our cats and dogs, and we love to dress them up in costumes, too. While they make cat costumes, it’s easier to get toothpaste back in the tube than to put a Mario …

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10 Witchy Menopause Tips for Halloween

  Barbara Younger has some witchy words about menopause for you this Halloween. Check out her blog, Friend for the Ride.   “Menopause,” the witch hissed, shaking her broom. “Nothing to it.” “Really?” I asked. “You’ve got the magic potion? Do share!” She pointed a snarly finger my way. “You foolish blogger! There’s no potion for menopause!” Her face softened a …

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