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Simple Dark Chocolate Kisses Treat

Simple Dark Chocolate Kisses Treat

Nancy Fox can be found at, where she shares her amazing skinnified recipes regularly. Sweet and salty come together to create these adorable Valentine’s Day treats. And the news is out, a small amount of dark chocolate is good for your heart. Yeah!!! I’m using dark chocolate kisses, dark chocolate M & M’s and …

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Increase Your Social Media Safety

If you’re like most women around our age these days, you spend at least some time every week (if not hours every day!) browsing through and posting on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Learn these tips for social media safety.  Statistically, it’s unlikely that you’re not on …

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stuffed peppers, Italian style peppers

Italian Style Stuffed Peppers

You can find Nancy Fox sharing more delicious and simple recipes over on her website, Skinny Kitchen.  Here’s a simple and hearty meat sauce, stuffed into colorful bell peppers and baked until dreamy and delicious. Each serving has 226 calories, 6g fat and just 4 Weight Watchers SmartPoints. I love using bell peppers because they make a …

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