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Menopause and Your Holiday Meals

No sooner did you catch a passing glance at the autumn leaves, than it’s time for the holidays—stressful under the best of times but even more so when menopausal hormones wreak havoc with your mind and body. This season, you committed to hosting the holiday dinner. So, in between frenetic shopping, cookie baking, house decorating …

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Exercise? What? Why?

Somewhere at the Total Sports Complex there is a personal trainer named Nick.  I know this because he and I are supposed to meet tomorrow to begin my 10-week quest toward a new fit and fabulous Kim. The sad thing is that he is just running along living his life in his workout gear with …

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Why I Love Pole Dancing

Want a workout that combines aerobics, dance, yoga, strength training, and makes you feel like an incredibly hot sex goddess? Try pole dancing for exercise! Yes, I know it sounds ‘slutty’;  I watched re-runs of The Sopranos and scenes of the famous Bada Bing Club where Tony’s girls strutted their sexy stuff. Truth be told …

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Are You An Exercise Junkie?

Editor’s Note: We are happy to introduce our Healthy Living Columnist, Kristen Houghton. Healthy Living is not just about eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep; it’s a mind-set. It is a consummate way of living in which you make your life become the best that it can be. Certainly any type of addiction is …

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