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Boomers Versus Millennials

I’m a Boomer with Millennial Friends I was telling a friend last week about going to a baseball game. As I was describing the people involved, my friend laughed. “You have friends in their 30s? What do Boomers and Millennials have in common?” At first, it made me feel ancient, like no one under the age …

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The True Meaning Of A Kitchen

We’re remodeling a kitchen. People don’t know whether to congratulate us when they hear that we are remodeling a kitchen, or look at us with a fair amount of pity. We’re in the middle of the process, but can see the light. The refrigerator is in the foyer, den chairs are gracing the very crowded …

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Botox Can’t Fix This

What Botox Can’t Fix A recent report on plastic surgery statistics showed that seven million Americans sought and received Botox injections in 2016. We are craving more fat in our butts and bosoms, and are attacking our faces and entire bodies with tightening and lifting procedures. Mommy makeovers, rising in popularity for women 35 – …

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Why Are You Overreacting?

Am I overreacting? Probably, and here’s why. I got in a snit yesterday. You could call it a hissy fit. Getting my nose out of joint.Whatever you call it, it wasn’t pretty. I had to ask myself, “Am I overreacting?” My extreme reaction like this doesn’t happen much, but it certainly wasn’t the first time. …

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Retire Without Retreating

“Are you thinking about retirement?” That question always catches me by surprise. I don’t think of myself as old enough to retire. Call it denial, but that seems very foreign to me. If you google the definition of the word retire you’ll find: “Leave one’s job and cease to work, typically when reaching the normal …

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