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Alzheimer’s in the News

One of the keywords we frequently see in health news is Alzheimer’s.As a health coach, I regularly receive articles regarding this debilitating and threatening disease that is affecting countless people, no matter what their social standing or education level may be. I have not yet seen an article regarding a cure or preventative measures we can take. …

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Hot Coffee on the Boulevard

It’s Friday – time for another edition of Hot Coffee on the Boulevard. Have a great weekend! BOOKS Check out the top ten best-selling authors in the world since 2001, then plan the outline for your next novel accordingly. Via Speaking of writing your book, here are the nine things you need to know before you even …

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Steubenville is Every Town

The Grand Jury Indictments in Steubenville, Ohio are reminders of the terrible crime committed during August 2012, the rape of a 16 year old girl during a party. In March, Steubenville High School football players Ma’lik Richmond and Trenton Mays were convicted of the rape, which authorities said took place at a party in August …

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