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Facing My Fears

Some time ago, I was a mess. My plans were confirmed and my answers rehearsed, but I still wasn’t ready to face one on my biggest fears: speaking to a live audience, armed with unknown questions, about a topic I’ve only written about. Handling adversity. I’d done all the things I normally do when I’m …

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Finding Your Courage in Midlife

I saw an old hometown friend Saturday at a breakfast place.   She was up for a baseball game with her husband. “You know, I’ve had cancer.  But I’m fine.  This is my real hair finally“. She has always had a gorgeous smile, which she flashed at me again. I hadn’t heard a word about it.  Told …

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How to Be Brave

Last  year, on our trip to Paris, my friend Judy arranged a private tour of the Louvre. Our guide Francois escorted us from room to room, pointing out  the highlights of that mighty museum. ” Voila Les Sabines,” said Francois. “Painted in 1799 by Jacques-Louis David.” Look at that mother, arms stretched out, protecting her babes. Quel Courage! Never have …

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