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The Sweet Smell of Oldness

To put this post into context, here’s a conversation between Greg and me (uncensored because otherwise what fun would it be?) … Me: I think I have kneecap cancer. Greg: Yup. Me: What do you mean “yup”. This could be SERIOUS. Greg: Just like your eyeball cancer, lip cancer, and pinkie toe cancer, this too will pass. …

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Like I Really Kneed This

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei’s personal blog, Moxie-Dude. Fact: I have a memory the size of a peanut. Despite this, I remember exactly when the pain started. It was a Wednesday. And not just any Wednesday but TWO Wednesdays ago. Under normal circumstances this time span would be considered beyond my ability to …

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Joint Pain and Aging at Midlife

  I hate the phrase, “aging gracefully.”  In fact, I hate the whole idea of aging—especially when it comes to my joint pain. Everywhere I can, I fight aging.  I’m my late 50s.  I  have brown hair, use lots of anti-aging facial creams, am a proponent of plastic surgery and keep up with the latest …

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