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The Three Problems With Your Sex Toys

We’re all grown-ups here, and grown-ups need to sterilize sex toys. If you think about it, there are:

Three Problems with Your Sex Toys

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Whether you are married or single, women over forty usually know how to take control of their sexual pleasure. And that can mean sex toys.

These days products range from high-tech devices with apps to pieces of art made of glass. No matter what you enjoy, there are three inherent problems with these personal items.

You Need to Sanitize Your Sex Toys

For real, you should be cleaning your equipment every single time. Some are made of material that shouldn’t really be touched with soaps or detergents, and you probably shouldn’t put them in the dishwasher, no matter what we saw that CSI episode with the Adult Babies.

Sure they make specialty sprays and wipes, but those can be expensive, run out just when you need them, and can leave a chemical residue that might as well be like pesticide in your lady garden.

You Need to Charge Your Sex Toys

Batteries are almost a thing of the past, especially for high-end (ha) pleasure appliances. There’s no more cord either, since many charge via USB charging ports. No shame, but do you really want to leave Krull the Destroyer plugged in on your dresser all the time?

Worst case scenarios, your parents pop over for a visit, your kid needs something for the snowman’s nose, or your cat finds an exciting new item to attack.

You Need to Hide Your Sex Toys

Let’s think of it as storage and not hiding, but if you have kids in the house you may want to conceal that giant novelty item you got as a Valentine’s Day present. The kids don’t need to see anything called “Sparticus.”

Most adults have That Drawer, but it’s not secure. Also, what if you are going on a romantic getaway and don’t want every TSA agent and hotel maid to see the Anaconda?

The Solution: UVee

sterilize sex toys with UV light

Sterilize Sex Toys: UVee has a proprietary, reflective UV-C system that kills 99.9% of all germs in five minutes, and on any toy. Sterilize sex toys, no matter how intricately shaped.

There are many toy cleaning methods and products available today, but none can claim to be scientifically proven to eliminate harmful bacteria found on sex toys except this one.

Charge Sex Toys: Each UVee is outfitted with on-board USB charging ports inside the storage compartment. The smaller unit, the UVee GO Play, is rechargeable, so it is able to charge an enclosed toy with or without AC power.

Discreetly Store Sex Toys: Concealing a sex toy can be a big job, especially considering it needs to be charged, cleaned, and dried before you hide it from the cat. Now charging and cleaning are taken care of inside a discreet locking enclosure, so the kids will never know.

Right now the only way to get an UVee is through its Kickstarter campaign. Go here to learn more and pitch in to support this useful solution developed by a mother and daughter team. You can learn about the other rewards for your pledge, and about the duo behind your new favorite device.

Anne Parris

Anne Parris is a managing partner Midlife Boulevard. Her personal blog, Not A Supermom, is your typical mommy blog that her kids say used to be funnier. Anne has a business degree and a dusty résumé from a top accounting firm and a Fortune 500 company, which she reminds herself of every time she is washing underpants. She lives with her family in Virginia and blogs mostly to support her coffee habit.

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Walker Thornton

Thursday 15th of December 2016

Thanks for the shout-out. You're right about tall of those. I worry that when I die my adult sons will be faced with my large-ish box of sex toys and be totally freaked out. But living alone, no problem with hiding... Sanitizing toys is very important for reasons we can imagine. I love the idea of a cleaner/charger at the same time. There's nothing worse than losing a charge at a crucial moment! Been there.....

Anne Parris

Thursday 15th of December 2016

They should send you one of these, Walker. Or a couple, even!

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