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Spring Break in Paris – a Mother-Daughter Trip

Last spring break I went to Paris for the first time.

With my (then) 17 year old daughter.

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To share the magnitude of this with you, please know that I’ve dreamed of going to Paris all my life and for lots of reasons (none really valid, but all very rational) I had never been.

After I had breast cancer, I made a bucket list.  Suddenly, all the things I had wanted to do in life, all the places I had always wanted to go had a lot of immediacy.  

There’s something about getting cancer that will do that to you.  You suddenly realize how short life is, how quickly it can all change; you heavily feel your own mortality with a solid thump.

Paris was #1 on that list.

I’d been to France in my 20’s but just never got around to Paris.  Then I got married and had kids and then…..well any of you moms know what happens then.  Life with kids happens.  Trips to Paris aren’t that easy with 2 toddlers.  Plus I work full time and between kids and work, Paris just seemed harder and harder to squeeze into the mix.

After I had breast cancer in 2010, I made a vow not to wait to fulfill that bucket list anymore and last January, I just took the plunge and decided I was going to take my daughter to Paris during spring break. My son is on the basketball team and once you’re in an organized sport in high school, there are no more family spring break trips, so it was just a mother daughter event.

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Claudia Schmidt

Slightly obsessive-compulsive, self-employed mom with 2 very cool but snarky teenage kids who just happens to have been diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in February of 2010. Looking at life through a new lens now.

Linda Omura

Thursday 27th of March 2014

I agree, we all need to live life to the fullest when we get the chance. I'm sure Claudia had a memorable trip with her daughter. You can take that special trip with your son someday. My children all live in different states now so many times I have to make those memories separately.

Claudia Schmidt

Thursday 27th of March 2014

I hadn't thought about how I'll be able to do more of these types of trips when my teens get older and out of college, that's something to look forward to, Linda! Maybe I'll go on a "sports related" trip with my baseball/basketball obsessed son :)

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