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This Little Light of Mine

Sometimes Mona Andrei feels like her brain and her mouth aren’t on the same wavelength – it happens to the best of us! This post first appeared on Mona’s personal blog, Moxie-Dude.

This Little Light of Mine: math broken

I consider myself an intelligent person. Maybe not as intelligent as my parents and definitely not as smart as some of the engineers I work with, but I get by. And then every once in a while something comes out of my mouth that makes me wonder where the rest of my brain is.

Like last week when my mother, daughter and three-year-old grandson were over for dinner. It was the end of the evening and the four of us were standing at my front door, saying our good-byes as they put on their jackets.

I had just straightened up after helping my grandson with his boots when my daughter said, “His boots are on the wrong feet.”

“Both of them?” I asked.

“Um. No. Just ONE of them,” she said mockingly.

“What? I can’t see,” I said defensively. “The light bulb is burnt out.”

Of course, I meant the light bulb in my entrance. It wasn’t until my daughter said, “Yeah, the light bulb in YOUR HEAD,” that I realized it was my math broken. Again.


Mona Andrei

Mona Andrei is a technical writer for a serious company in a serious industry. When she’s had enough serious for one day, she likes to write irreverent posts for her personal blog, Moxie-Dude, life updates gone wrong. Or right. She’s undecided. Follow her on Twitter @MoxieDude

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