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The Significance of Simplifying

simplifying what you ownKaren can be found at where she writes to support you as you create a life you love and shares her journey of self discovery.

I have been feeling the tingling of this in my bones lately, but it came to crystal clear awareness recently after an intimate Self Discovery Workshop I led. One participant went home and felt compelled to start purging and organizing.

The funny thing is, this wasn’t a direct topic of conversation in the workshop.

We had been sharing a dream/goal we have and discussing what one thing we could do to get us closer to that dream.

The conversation started to revolve around clearing the disarray in our homes because one member (ironically, not the one who went home to declutter) felt she couldn’t move closer to her dream, to be happy doing what she loves and spending time being creative, because of all the clutter.

Three days later, I see this message on Facebook:

After our Dream Chaser Workshop on Sunday, I was inspired to chip away at things in my life holding me back from moving forward! This tiny corner in my house is now organized. It has already freed up parts of my soul that were dormant. Thanks Karen and Ladies.

I started really thinking of the implications that were attached to clearing the clutter in my life. One area I’m still struggling with is the many boxes that hold things that belonged to my mother and grandparents. My mother and grandparents have all passed away, so these are sentimental for me. I have photos, heirlooms, books, etc. All things I know were important to my family.

Do they bring me joy? Some yes, some no. I cannot figure out how to purge these things without feeling incredibly guilty. Even with my six simple tips to make decluttering easy, I still struggle with this. Do let me know if you have any ideas to help me address or manage this guilt.

And yet, I love what simplifying communicates. It says we do not need “stuff” to make us feel valuable or to create abundance. It says by minimizing the things in our lives we are making room for creativity, joy and love. It says we can live in the white space. We don’t need things to make us feel worthy.

If you’d like more ways to simplify your life to make room for abundance, here are two of my favorite blogs. Let me know what you think:

For ideas on minimalism, check out the blog The Minimalists.

For ideas on simple living, peruse the blog No Sidebar

For more ideas on creating a life you’re in love with, consider joining me over at OneSaltyKiss.


Karen Shatafian

Karen Shatafian has a master’s degree in counseling, is a mom to two teenagers, a surfer, writer, and lifestyle blogger. She is passionate about helping people leap out of their comfort zones and use their intrinsic gifts to live a courageous, authentic life. She is active in encouraging women, whether on a career path or staying home to raise a family, to nurture their passions and hold tight to their dreams. Karen is a featured contributor at and a contributing author to the book, “Legacy of Stoke - A Collection of Stories That Made us Surfers.” Follow her at Instagram: one_salty_kiss

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