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Save Money With A Signature Style

Jennifer blogs over at A Well Styled Life. You can head there to find more posts from her on how style is more than what you wear, but also how you live your life.  

I rarely buy new clothing for myself.

Rarely. As in hardly ever.

The ones I do buy I wear for many years and either change their look with accessories, or wear them the exact same way, many times over. You could say:

  1. Save Money With A Signature StyleI have a uniform way of dressing.
  2. I’m boring.
  3. I prefer quality over quantity.
  4. I handle my wardrobe like the often admired French woman.
  5. I’m cheap.

They’re probably all true to some extent.


In my 30’s I had a shopping hobby, which turned into a habit. Then I worked retail for many years which fed my habit and fueled my shopping addiction. It also gave me the opportunity to dress other women, which I loved. It was during my days as an Image Consultant that I honed my signature style, but also overdosed on shopping and finally put it into a healthier perspective.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I hate clothes shopping!

Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t admire beautiful new clothes, because I do. It means that at this stage in my life I don’t need to buy many things and I’m frugal when I do.

*Frugal means “sparing or economical with regard to money”.

For me, that doesn’t mean buying cheap quality, it means I use the cost per wear ratio to decide what’s a smart buy for me.

*Cost Per Wear Ratio is the total cost of an item divided by the number of times you wear it. This cost per wear formula is the only way to decide the true value of an item.


The documentary on Fast Fashion is causing quite a stir. Have you seen it? It’s not without controversy, but an important film.

I realize I’ve never been a fan of fast fashion. Livia Firth, the documentary producer recommends the rule of 30. If you know you’ll wear a garment at least 30 times, it’s not fast fashion, but a sensible buy.

Do you buy fast fashion?

Things that seem inexpensive when you buy them but pill and look like crap the second time out of the dryer?

Or do you invest and wear items for many years?

What’s your signature style?

Jennifer Connolly

Jennifer Connolly celebrates the unique experience of women over 50. As a Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, she empowers women to develop their image, personal style and self confidence. Her blog, A Well Styled Life, gives women the tools to appreciate their beauty and fully embrace the joys of midlife. Jennifer is a blogger, writer, wife, mom, grandmother. Pro-aging troublemaker, searching for the perfect foundation shade since 1973. Instagram: awellstyledlife

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Jeanne Tapp

Wednesday 20th of January 2016

Yes! Thank you for posting this! I am also a person who buys for the long term and when I succumb and purchase something new & trendy 'on the cheap' I regret it. Im also going through a cycle of hanging the clothes I wear most often in a separate part of my closet - with the goal of forcing myself to wear those items I don't pick as often. How's that working for me? I'm finding more clothing to donate to charity.


Friday 18th of December 2015

I don't like to shop, either, but I know what looks good on me and long ago, I found my style. Your suggestion of cost per wearing is something I've always done. With cheap clothes, you get what you pay for. I'm still wearing things I bought in my 20s, 30s, etc. because they are great quality.


Saturday 19th of December 2015

Cheap clothes are like junk food. I've never been a fan!

Judy Freedman

Friday 18th of December 2015

I used to be a fashionista and could shop till I dropped. Not anymore. Now that I don't work full time anymore and am doing more yoga, my lifestyle has really changed. I try to consider if I really need versus want an outfit or item of clothing now. Sometimes I buy something and then I hardly wear it, especially if it is a dressy outfit. I live in yoga leggings so will spend more on that item than an expensive pair of jeans or skirt.


Saturday 19th of December 2015

It's smart to invest in the clothes you will wear the most frequently. So many women make the mistake of paying a lot of money for a "dressy" outfit, then only wear it once or twice!

Anne Parris

Friday 18th of December 2015

I always think about the cost per wear when I shop. I think my best buy has been my Tieks. I bought them with a rare coupon code, and I think I've worn them hundreds of times in the four years I've owned them. They are a perfect shoe for travel., too.


Saturday 19th of December 2015

I haven't tried Tieks. I'll have to check them out. I am always on the hunt for comfortabe shoes! At your cost per wear, that makes yours a great buy. Almost free:)


Friday 18th of December 2015

Fun! I love fashion and shopping and everything in between! I started sewing and designing my own clothes when I was a very young girl and then continued learning more about it throughout college. It feels natural to me. I had a very classic and timeless wardrobe until I hit that dreaded midlife bulge in my 50's and nothing fit the same way! Ugh. I had to start all over again.


Saturday 19th of December 2015

I hear you Wendy! I'm dealing with that midlife bulge too and it's so frustrating.

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