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Review: Redken Cerafill for Thinning Hair

I’ve been going to the same salon for two or more years now. My stylist knows my hair fairly well, and last fall noticed my previously thick and fast-growing hair was experiencing some fall out.

Some of my hair loss was due to situational stress, but part of it has to be chalked up to aging and hormones. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t like it.

I started to investigate topical solutions for moderately thinning hair. A topical biotin supplement that seemed to work, but I’d forget to apply it. Using it the day after I shampoo’d my hair was fine, and I liked the way it felt and smelled once it was on my scalp. This just wasn’t a good solution for me.

I was happy to get a chance to review four new Redken Cerafill products made to help normal to thin hair. The products were sent to me to review, but I am not required to express any opinion other than my own. Also, please note that links can be affiliate links.

I mentioned the review to my stylist, and she was interested in hearing how it worked for me, and if Redkin Cerafill really worked. Her salon uses Redken products to wash, condition, color, and style clients, and she had heard about the new Cerafill Defy product, but hadn’t been given any to use yet. She told me she thought Redkin was a good shampoo. How fun to try something before it was in my salon!

In the two months since I received the Cerafill Defy products, they are the only shampoo and conditioner I’ve used on my hair at home. I wash my hair every two days usually, but sometimes I can squeak out a third day with a ponytail.

Please note that some links will take you to a place where you can buy the products via an affiliate link.


Click to buy on Ulta. (affiliate link)

Redken Cerafill Defy Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo works by using Zinc PCA to “remove DHT and remove follicle-clogging impurities and excess sebum from the scalp.” Also, ceremide strengthens hair and prevents breakage. I have indeed noticed less fallout and a reduction in breakage at my hair ends.

The scent is a really bracing ginger mint. It’s refreshing! Because it’s not a floral or scented like a tropical drink, it’s shampoo I can share with my husband. He may have hair like a bearskin rug, but great product is great product.

The partnering conditioner is quite good. I had no trouble detangling my long hair after using it, and my hair is very shiny. I felt like I had good results from the first time I used these products.

You can buy the Redkin Defy system here at Ulta.


Click to buy.

Redken Cerafill Maximize Dense FX

Once a week or so for the last two months, I’ve been using the Redken Cerafill Dense FX, part of Redken’s line for thinning hair. Dense FX is a serum that is sprayed onto hair in sections. I sprayed at the roots of my hair and worked the serum out to the ends with a wide-tooth comb and my hands.

Dense FX claims to thicken hair diameter with ceramide, SP94, and filloxane. I found it did make my hair feel thicker and appear more full from the first time I applied it. Also, it was a good styling aid, giving body to my long hair.

I applied it to my just-washed, towel-dried hair, then dried and styled my hair as usual. I use a flat iron about once a week, and thought it made my style last a little longer than usual, though that’s not a claim the product makes. Buy here at Ulta.

Redken Cerafill Maximize Texture Effect

Redken’s Texture Effect, part of the Ceramide Maximize line, is a hair and scalp refresher for normal to thin hair. It can extend times between shampoos by absorbing oil. I sprayed it on my hair, let it sit a few minutes, then brushed it through with a natural bristle hair brush.

Basically, it’s a dry shampoo. I already use and like Redken’s Pillow Proof dry shampoo. My stylist recommended it, and it’s been great for travel.

It seems like the difference between Texture Effect and Pillow Proof is that Texture Effect is lighter, brushes out easier, and has less of a scent. I think this does make Texture Effect dry shampoo better for thinning hair, since it would leave less weight on the hair. The two products appear to have the same ingredients, so I was surprised there was a detectable difference at all.

Summary of Cerefill Review

Overall, I liked all of these products. I would continue to purchase the shampoo and conditioner since they left my hair light, clean, and shiny, Also, I found the scent pleasant, and my husband can use it too.

I have long, fine hair that is color treated. Even though the shampoo is not sulfate free, I thought it maintained my color well. Red color tends to be the fasted to fade, but I didn’t notice color fade with these products.

The only down side I have with Redken is the cost, but I for me the value is there. I like my hair to be very clean and shiny, and I feel like these products worked very well for that goal.

I get my Redken products at Ulta, an authorized Redken distributor. They also make the hair color my stylist uses on my hair. You can find where these products are sold near you with the Cerafill Salon Finder.

For this review, I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer network campaign for Cerafill powered by Redken. I received a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Redken.

Check the Cerafill Salon Finder for where you can purchase Redken products. Learn more about these and other Redken Cerafill products, including ingredients, at the Redken Cerafill webpage.

Anne Parris

Anne Parris is a managing partner Midlife Boulevard. Her personal blog, Not A Supermom, is your typical mommy blog that her kids say used to be funnier. Anne has a business degree and a dusty résumé from a top accounting firm and a Fortune 500 company, which she reminds herself of every time she is washing underpants. She lives with her family in Virginia and blogs mostly to support her coffee habit.

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Emelie Palm

Monday 15th of June 2015

Hi Anne! I really like your review and I'm very interested in trying the cerafill products, but I'm not sure if they would be helpful for my hair problems. I have shoulder lenght scandinavian hair which is very thin and also damaged due to coloring and heat styling on a regular basis. On top of that, I have worn clip in hair extenstions to get more volume and thickness, for about a year and these have over time caused really bad baldspots on the sides of my head. Do you think any of the cerafill products, retaliate or defy would be able to help regrow the hair on my bald spots and on the same time help make my hair feel and look thicker? I'm thinking about buying the retaliate line, but since it's for people with hair loss and thinning hair i'm not sure if it would fit my hair, since my hair isn't thinning or falling out, it's just really really thin n naturaly, and suffering from bald spots due to long term use of hair extentions. I would really appreciate your advice! Hugs from Sweden :)

R Crossland

Monday 5th of January 2015

I have been using Cerafill now for a little over a month, I have noticed more hair falling out and was told that is normal at the beginning of using it, but by the third to four month I should start seeing hair regrowth. I do like the shampoo but found the conditioner not really a conditioner. It does smell minting but I had to spray in a leave in conditioner so I could comb through my hair. My hair is also long and fine, but for some reason this product makes it extra tangled after using it. Will give it four months and if there is not a very noticeable sign of regrow I be looking for something else. I have been diagnosed with AGA and was told this product would help for that, so we will see, so far not helping. : (

Anne Parris

Monday 5th of January 2015

Oh, I'm so sorry. My hair is also long and fine and I did not experience that kind of fall-out.

Pam Luna

Thursday 18th of September 2014

The cerafill products are great. Hair feels full & shiny. I've used it 2x & birth times I was very happy with results. I have fine hair that is thinning at crown & color treated. I've tried many products & honestly this is the best one yet. Glad I made the choice to purchase.

Anne Parris

Monday 29th of September 2014

I really like it, Pam. I'm testing out something else right now I like too, but I plan on coming back to Redken because it's a good intersection of price meeting efficacy.

Claudia Schmidt

Monday 8th of September 2014

I love Redken products, and have found them to be wonderful for color treated hair. Glad to hear they have something new for thinning hair -- unfortunately mine isn't as thick as it used to be either!

Anne Parris

Monday 29th of September 2014

The shampoo and conditioner seem to provide an improvement over time, but the Dense FX works right away.

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