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A Review of “How I Earned My Wrinkles” by Anne Bardsley

In my family, we never discussed anything below the naval and above the knees. When my dad learned that my aunt was having surgery on her uterus, he asked her if that was close to her Sagittarius.

I tend to have attention deficit disorder from the moment I open my eyes. I’m very serious when I tell you that within two minutes of being awake, I have a minimum of twenty-five things that have already crossed my mind. Thanks to menopause, I can’t remember them, but I know they were there because I’m exhausted just thinking of all the things I have to get done.

These are several of my favorite passages from humorist Anne Bardsley’s new book How I Earned My Wrinkles: Musings on Marriage, Motherhood, and Menopause.


The book is a collection of stories taken directly from Anne’s handwritten notes—memories that she penned on the back of menus, napkins, and receipts during decades of raising kids, working, and being a wife. From the moment I opened the book, I laughed—hard. Even the dog grimaced and tried to cover her ears.

Anne has a magical way of immediately pulling you in and taking you along on a journey filled with love, laughter, and vaginal weight sets (oh yes!). She first introduces us to Anz World, an imaginary utopia and her place of refuge. When all is not well in the world, it’s to here she escapes:

Unlike my messy house full of kids, cats, dogs, hamsters, an iguana, and pet snakes, Anz World is tidy and clean. It looks like HGTV surprised me and decorated my world. My hot flashes disappear, as do my wrinkles and cellulite. My face loses years of stress, and I barely recognize myself. I look like a goddess!

You’ll laugh alongside Anne as she introduces you to her family and shares her most treasured memories: drunken watermelon escapades, receiving funeral flowers on Easter, and getting stuck to a customer’s sofa while very pregnant and on a sales call. You’ll even have an opportunity to take The Hottie Test to find out if you still have it going on!

Although I’m just entering the midlife years, I can already see Anne’s Wrinkle Fairy gracing my forehead with her magic. How I Earned My Wrinkles gave me a peek into all that is yet to come and all that can be as a result of having children and living a life filled with humor.

This is light reading, but should certainly appeal to those who have struggled with the generation gap or are past the first blush of youth. It should also appeal to pet lovers, parents of grown children, and anyone looking for a bit of laughter at the end of the day.

Crystal Ponti

Crystal Ponti is the founder of Blue Lobster Book Co., a full-service, self-publishing boutique. Before launching her own business, she spent a number of years as a business and marketing planning consultant helping entrepreneurs plan, launch, and grow their businesses. Since then, she has focused on book marketing. Most recently she served as Managing Editor, Contributing Author, and publisher of the book, The Mother of All Meltdowns. She also blogs at MommiFried. Instagram: mommifried

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Anne Bardsley

Friday 22nd of August 2014

Anne, The Wrinkle Fairy is my new BFF. She helped me with the title of the book. I can't get rid of my wrinkles now...I need them for book sales!!! Genius, right???

Anne Parris

Thursday 21st of August 2014

Great review! Anne sounds like my kind of woman. I'd love HGTV to surprise-decorate my house, but I'm not sure about the Wrinkle Fairy.


Wednesday 20th of August 2014

Thanks for sharing my review! I highly recommend Anne's book. :)

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