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The Should Have, Could Have, Would Have Question

Teresa Kindred is one of the founders of the BAM Bloggers at Midlife Conference. Read more from her on her blog, NanaHood.

I’ve had some Should Have, Would Have, Could Have moments over the years. How about you?

I don’t dwell on them, but they exist. They are scattered along the highway of my life like tin cans full of 100 dollar bills that I tossed in the garbage can not knowing that what I thought was useless-was actually valuable.

There are no do overs in life but there is something I can do about missed opportunities. I can use what I have learned from the past to keep me from making the same mistake in the future.

Questions To Ask Yourself

When faced with opportunities how do you decide whether or not you should seize the moment? Here are a few questions to help you decide.

1. Is this relative to my life and my future goals and if so, exactly how? Write down how it is relative and if there are several reasons seriously consider pursuing this opportunity.

2. Talk to a friend who is objective. Sometimes friends can see things we can’t, positive and negative. Just make sure it’s a friend who isn’t biased about whatever it is you are asking for advice about.

3. Imagine it’s 5 years from now. Will you regret missing this opportunity? If the answer is yes then find a way to make your dream happen!

4. Find someone who has done whatever it is you are considering doing and talk to them. Ask them what they consider to be the benefits or draw backs of the choice.

5. Do extensive reading to help you decide. Sometimes the answer lies in research!

6. If you decide you really want to pursue the opportunity but something is standing in your way, write down your obstacles and ask a friend or partner to help you figure out a way around your road blocks. If there is a will….there really is a way.

Finally, think about this quote from John Greenleaf Whittier, “For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: It might have been.”

Here’s hoping you will seize the opportunities that come your way in 2015!

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Teresa Kindred

Teresa is the author of several books including The Knot at the End of Your Rope; Ten Ways to Hold on When You are Stressed Out and Mom: PhD-A Simple 6 Step course on Leadership for Moms. She was a major contributor to Humor for a Teacher’s Heart and Cup of Comfort Devotional: Daily Reminders of God’s Love and Grace. She also authored four Precious Moments books that were illustrated by Sam Butcher. Her magazine column “Kindred Spirits” appeared in Kentucky Living magazine for 13 years. She frequently writes for and has blogged for Verizon and Marie Callender’s foods. She has a M.A. in Secondary Education and has taught 7th graders, high school students and college classes. Teresa lives in Kentucky with her husband, Bill (aka Poppa), her twin sons who she can always tell apart (if she has her glasses on) and their seven dogs. Instagram: NanaHood1956

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