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4 Things to Do to Prevent Desk-Sitter’s Hunchback

Prevent the dreaded “hunchback” (not to mention back, neck, and wrist pain) by taking a 30 second movement break every 30 minutes. I call this the “30-30 Rule.”

It’s simple. Whatever you’ve been doing for the last 30 minutes, spend 30 seconds doing the OPPOSITE.

4 Things to Do to Prevent Desk-Sitter's Hunchback

  1. For example, if you realize that you’ve been sitting at your computer with your head jutted forward and your shoulders rounded as you browse the internet or update social media, STOP! Close your eyes, pull your chin back toward your neck (i.e. give yourself a “double chin” in order to stretch the muscles at the base of your skull and behind your neck), and roll your shoulders back and down. Clasp your hands behind your back to really open your chest.
  2. If your low back is bothering you, take 30 seconds to stand up and do a supported back bend (place your hands on your hips for support as you extend your spine and arch your back). A quick side-bend or two, or a couple of hip circles, are also nice options.
  3. If your wrists are bothering you, shake out your hands and then circle your wrists 10 times each direction. Stretch your wrists by placing your palms together in “prayer” position, and then pressing them down toward the floor.
  4. If you realize that you haven’t taken a deep, relaxing breath in the last 30 minutes (often we breathe so shallowly that our lungs rarely get a chance to fully expand), then take 30 seconds to do so NOW! Click here for an article that describes “core breathing,” a method that simultaneously energizes and relaxes the core muscles and the nervous system.

You really can’t go wrong as long as you MOVE. Enjoy the “30-30 Rule!” Set a timer to move for 30 seconds every 30 minutes that you spend sitting, and you WILL feel (and look) better.

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Brianne Grogan

Brianne Grogan is a women's health physical therapist who believes in the power of healthy living to create strong, happy women - the backbone of a thriving society. Brianne is the author of FemFusion Fitness for Intimacy and and the founder of FemFusion Fitness, which offers live and online fitness and yoga resources for women. Visit her on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube.

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Sunday 9th of March 2014

Genius! I'm keeping this article! :)

Pamela Lutrell

Saturday 8th of March 2014

I needed this...thanks so much!


Saturday 8th of March 2014

You're welcome... We all need the reminder every once in a while!

Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Saturday 8th of March 2014

Brianne, this is a wonderful reminder with some good extra tips! As a therapist, I sit all day long. I may print this out and tape it to my fridge! "Get water - stretch backwards!".


Saturday 8th of March 2014

What a great idea, Margaret!

Roz Warren

Friday 7th of March 2014

Useful. Thanks!


Tuesday 4th of March 2014

Liked and shared!

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