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How To Pick the Best Mattress

12 Tips to Help You Pick the Best Mattress

The process of choosing the best mattress is not something that should be done on an impulse or without careful consideration. On average, a quality mattress will last about 10 years. If you choose a mattress that’s not right for you, these years could be filled with back pain, sleepless nights, and irritation. A long and restful night of sleep begins with the perfect mattress for your needs. Here are 12 things to know about buying the best mattress for you.
Let's go to bed. How to buy the best mattress for you.

1. Think About Your Sleep Habits

Before you go out and take a look at mattress brands and varieties, think about your current sleep habits. If you have no history of insomnia, you may not need any special considerations before choosing a mattress. Those who suffer from poor sleep, sleep apnea, nightmares, or other sleep disorders may need to put a little more time into their mattress shopping process. Depending on the disorder, there may be specific mattress recommendations to help ease problems.

2. Think About Your Sleep Position

Next, you’ve got to plan your mattress choice around your preferred or regular sleeping position. The most common way to sleep is on the side in a fetal position. Most mattresses can accommodate the side sleeper, but it may be more difficult to find a comfortable mattress if you sleep on your stomach or your back. Mattresses may have different spots of firmness for optimal hip and back alignment.

3. Talk to Your Partner

Another consideration that’s important before mattress shopping is your partner’s preferences. If you are planning to share your bed with someone else, you may be dealing with a whole other set of needs. It’s rare for partners to have the same sleep habits, so make sure you make the decision about your mattress together. This way, you’ll both benefit from a restful night of sleep on your new mattress.

4. Set a Budget

Your budget is another key part of effective mattress shopping. Mattresses are priced at varying dollar amounts, with the average spring mattress cost being about $940. Other types of special mattresses may be priced higher, and depending on the size of your bed, your price may increase as well. While some may believe a higher priced mattress will last longer and be more comfortable, that’s not always the case.

5. Decide How Much Firmness You Prefer

Your mattress’s firmness is a big part of how comfortable you feel when sleeping. After considering your sleep position and sleep habits, it’s important to decide what kind of firmness works best for you. Side sleepers tend to feel most comfortable on softer mattresses, while stomach sleepers usually prefer a firm mattress. People who sleep on their backs may have a little more flexibility in their mattress’ firmness level.

6. Research Mattress Materials

If you’ve narrowed down some choices for firmness, then, it’;s time to decide on your mattress’ materials. Today, there are more mattress varieties than ever, giving consumers plenty of choices for comfort. Traditionally, most modern mattresses in the last 40 or so years have been made with coils. Now, bedding companies are creating versatile mattresses made from memory foam, gel, latex, air, and water. Another popular product trend is the hybrid mattress, which combines the common mattress materials into one bed type and gives consumers flexibility and comfort.

7. Consider Your Bedroom’s Dimensions

Next, take into account the size of your bedroom. While it would be great if everyone could enjoy the vastness of a California King bed, in reality, you’ll most likely have to settle for something smaller. If your room can’t accommodate a large king bed, a queen or a double may be the perfect size. You should also consider the size of your bed when you add your furniture pieces to it, such as your headboard, bed frame, and other accessories.

8. Add Your Weight

Your weight and body type also matters when it comes to mattress selection. Heavier people may need to choose a very firm mattress so they get enough support when sleeping. If a heavy person doesn’t like a firm bed, it may be better to buy a firm mattress and top it with a soft pillow top for an ideal sleeping environment.

9. Look for Special Sales and Deals

Then, it’s time to develop a shopping strategy that maximizes the way mattresses are marketed and sold around the country. In general, you can get the best mattress deals on holiday weekends, such as President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day.

Another common money-saving strategy is to shop online for your mattress. It may be tempting to buy a used mattress, but some shoppers have been horrified to find bed bug infestations that way.

10. Try a Mattress in Person

No matter where you’re planning to purchase your mattress from, online or in a brick and mortar shop, it’s vital to try your preferred brand and model out in person. There are many different mattress showrooms located in most cities and towns, so all you have to do is show up and test them out. It’s okay to lie down and spend a few minutes making sure your mattress is the right firmness and material.

11. Talk to a Salesperson for Help

You should also consult the staff in the mattress store to get even more expert advice about buying. Many mattress salespeople are more than willing to give potential customers recommendations. You can sometimes negotiate pricing and financing if you find the mattress of your dreams on the showroom floor.

12. Upgrade With Special Accessories or Features

Once you’ve chosen the right mattress for your sleep and comfort needs, take time to make a few upgrades to enhance your sleep even more. Your neck’s comfort is another key part of a good night’s sleep, so choose a high-quality set of pillows to pair with your new mattress. Next, a mattress topper, such as a piece of foam or a pillow top, could make your new bed even more luxurious.

A great mattress is the most important thing to have if you want to get more regular and restful sleep. If you put more effort into choosing your next mattress, your sleep habits could be better than ever.

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