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Personal Branding – a Key to Success

It’s a new day, ladies!  The technological world has opened so much opportunity for those of us who love to write and make difference in the lives of others.  So, it is time to be smart…just look deeply at the box of tissues not too far away.

For years, I asked for a Kleenex in place of the word tissues….I asked for a Coke in place of the word soda…I worked on a Mac in place of the word computer…these companies won the branding war.  Apple has brilliantly branded its product for the cool, creative intellectual.  But, what is so intriguing to me is that we can do the same for ourselves.  If you are a blogger, writer, professional of any type, you should add Personal Branding for Dummies by Susan Chritton, M. Ed. to your reading list today.

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My recent columns about developing a personal style are a small part of a bigger discussion…How to Achieve Success in the Marketplace as a Midlife Woman.   We must be savvy and understand terms such as, target audience, top of the mind awareness, and branding.  Personal branding is just like personal style…we have it whether we are controlling it or not.  The goal is to be in control of the messages.

Chritton writes, “Your personal brand is your reputation, which is defined by your character. Your personal brand is your legacy…it’s the way others remember you through your actions, your expertise, and the emotional connections that you make.  Your personal brand shows your authenticity from the inside out.  It’s the process of bringing every aspect of your life into alignment with your characteristics, strengths, values, and goals so that you can make an instant and lasting impression on the people you meet.”

I feel comfortable in saying the majority of us, as bloggers, do this with hopes of actually making some additional income and expanding our horizons to writing books, writing for publications, speaking engagements, and sponsorships.  This is why personal branding is so important…we must be purposeful with marketing ourselves.  This book will help you begin to think through that process.  Also, for those seeking a new career path later in life, this book may be your best friend.

What is your brand profile?  Have you thought it through?  How have you intentionally positioned yourself in the marketplace?  And, how do your clothing decisions fit into the whole picture?

Younger Pam believed sixty-year-old Pam would be retired and kicking back.  Even if I possessed the financial freedom to do it, I would not retire.  I see myself working diligently as long as I am blessed with time on this earth.  In my twenties, I worked three jobs.  Today, I work three jobs…teaching, freelance writing, and professional blogging.  I hope to even make bigger changes in the next year.  So, I want to be smart about it and learning to brand myself has really helped.  Our sporadic economy has created a highly competitive workforce and no matter our age, it pays to understand positioning.  I think you will benefit from reading this book and beginning to understand the messages we all send.  More from the experts on Personal Style coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by The Joy Boutique…enjoy your week…and stay warm and cozy!

Kleenex, anyone?

Pamela Lutrell

Pamela Lutrell began her blog, over50feeling40, July 2010 with a desire to encourage women over 50 to walk in strength, confidence and joy. Of course, head turning style makes each day fun!

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Tuesday 28th of January 2014

Great food for thought Pam!

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