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Hokkaido Squash Soup

Fresh Squash Soup Recipe For Fall Fall is in full swing, which means pumpkin and squash recipes are in demand, especially for fresh squash soup! I’m an avid follower of food blogs and although I’m a pumpkin lover (see my pumpkin-spice granola and pumpkin curry baked salmon recipes), I’m getting tired of all things squash-related. However, this squash …

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Joint Pain and Aging at Midlife

  I hate the phrase, “aging gracefully.”  In fact, I hate the whole idea of aging—especially when it comes to my joint pain. Everywhere I can, I fight aging.  I’m my late 50s.  I  have brown hair, use lots of anti-aging facial creams, am a proponent of plastic surgery and keep up with the latest …

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Beauty Regimes Then and Now

I was watching my girl getting ready for a big night out recently and was in awe of the regime that was involved in beautifying oneself!  It took me back in time to the 1970s when I was just a girl getting ready for the local dance. How times have changed!   BEAUTY REGIME  THEN …

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