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Realistic List-Making Advice

Carol Ramsey is hilariously honest about how she organizes her day-to-day routine. Read more of Carol’s humor on her blog

Running a household, parenting kids and holding a day job can lead to one million to-do items all overdue at the same time. If there is any time left, you could investigate the one million list-making approaches on the Internet or read a self-help list-making book. You can even pay high-priced consultants to make your list for you.

Realistic List-Making Advice

If it is at all helpful, I will share my quick and easy list-making approach for free. It isn’t perfect, and some would say it is even flawed, but I’ve been using it for years and I’m still around to talk about it. Here is how it works:

  1. Get dizzy and disoriented by all the errands, calls, tasks, emails and other to-dos racing through your mind and threatening your very existence. Take anti-anxiety, acid reflux and/or blood pressure meds to help calm the constant, troubling fear that you have forgotten something important even though you are seriously busy.
  2. Realize that the fear of The Fear Without The List is now greater than The Fear Of The List.  With great resolve and bravery, sit down to make The List.
  3. Google “best list app,” because there might be a new app that finally understands how your mind really works. Make a mental note that the best list app would actually do your to-do items for you.
  4. Spend an hour downloading and installing a new app and converting your previous List. Create new tasks, sub-tasks, categories, tags and priorities for The List, then sync all your devices.
  5. Review The List carefully for extreme conditions that could lead to financial, familial and/or physical ruin and realize there aren’t any. Why do you get so worried about The List?
  6. Complete one or two list items.
  7. Feel better because of The List. Breathe deeper. Share smart ideas at work. Notice that your kids have started listening to you. Have great sex with your husband.
  8. Because your list is so well taken care of and your mind has settled into a new sense of peace, a brand new idea comes to you out of nowhere, Blowing Your Mind!
  9. Ignore The List to work on your new idea.
  10. In approximately 1.5 weeks, return to Step 1.

Good luck with your list! Now that I have this writing done, I going to work on my next Brand New Idea!

Carol Ramsey

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