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The Joys of Finding Midlife Love

Miriam Iwrey is giving love a second go, and it sounds like she’s having a fantastic time! Read more from Miriam on her blog

The Joys of Finding Midlife Love

Finding love in midlife has been an eye-opener in a really great way.

Having married at the tender age of 22, being divorced at 32 and getting remarried at 53 has given me a perspective on love that is truly special.

Love at this stage in life is really about the little things; those things my husband and I do for each other without fanfare, without stating “I am doing this…”, without expectation.  It comes from the heart, it comes from friendship, it comes from just being comfortable with each other without explanation, without words…with a knowing.

How absolutely divine!

How many times when we were younger did we not recognize the little things our spouses did that indicated we were loved?  Such missed opportunities.

In midlife I am simply astounded on a day to day basis how much I am loved.  It’s not always the words “I love you” that makes it so clear.

It really is the little things, the simple things, the things that tell me I am being paid attention to regularly.

So, you ask me, what does your husband do?

Here are some examples:

  • I love greek yogurt with strawberries; when I run out of strawberries without my even saying so my husband goes out to the grocery store and picks up a quart for me.
  • If he is unable to go out on our morning walk together, he has my water ready to go so I can have coffee when I get back from my walk.
  • He lovingly puts my pill box on my place mat to remind me to take my Vitamin D in the morning.
  • Instinctively, it seems, he always knows what to say at the right moment…magical.

These are just a few…there doesn’t need to be oodles.

At midlife, for me, there is an easiness, a comfort in knowing I am loved.

I so appreciate this man who daily lets me know he loves me. I also love him.

What is so refreshing is in midlife is embracing who we are and being with a person who simply loves us!


Miriam Iwrey

20+ years practicing Social Worker (MSW) Certified Elite LIfe Coach Midlife Transition Consultant Midlifer Mom Wife Step-daughter Grandmother

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Sue Loncaric

Tuesday 16th of June 2015

Such a beautiful story. I too have a wonderful second time around marriage. My husband loves me unconditionally and we have been the Brady Bunch which at times was testing. Now we are empty nesters with grandchildren and enjoying our life and love together. Thank you for sharing your story.


Monday 15th of June 2015

Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. Though I'm married, my dearest friend isn't. We often discuss what dating will be like in this stage of our lives.

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