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9 Simple Steps to Your Longest Legs Ever

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9 Simple Steps to Your Longest Legs Ever: elongate legs

How do you make short legs look longer?

It’s not rocket science.

It’s a matter of fooling the eye with color and proportion.


I’m short, with a longer torso than legs. I have to wear flats most of the time, which makes my legs look even shorter! I do better in skirts, but today I’m sharing some tricks for pants.

Try some of these if you have a longer torso, than legs = short legs.

    1. No Cuffs

      They are not your friend, ever. Even that 1/2-1″ roll you put on the bottom of your jeans to look stylish, chop your legs visually and make you look shorter.

    2. Don’t Go in the Pooling

      Those little wrinkles that form when your pants settle on the top of your foot or shoe. Don’t go there. Hem them to the correct length. Men have a “break” to their trouser leg, but for women with short legs that’s not a good look.

    3. Forget low-rise pants

      These are fatal for the woman with short legs. Thankfully high-rise pants and jeans are well on the way to being standard again.

    4. Never low back pockets

      It may seem a trivial point, but if your back pockets are placed low, they make your butt appear lower, ergo your legs are shorter. This is true no matter how high the rise is. I don’t know about you, but my butt needs no help looking lower:)

    5. Similar shoe color

      Aim for low contrast (similar depth of color) between shoes and pants. The eye slams to a halt where color changes dramatically. Black pants? Black or dark shoes. White pants? Light or pale shoes. Michael Jackson wore black pants and shoes with white socks so you would look as his footwork, while dancing.

    6. Pointed toe shoes

      These elongate the foot and make the leg appear longer.

    7. Shorter toe box

      Shoes that end high on the foot, shorten the look of your leg. A ballerina flat is more elongating than a driving moccasin. Booties can be incredibly shortening unless they are the same color as your pants, and there is no break in the line. (No skin or sock showing.)

    8. A Nude Color Shoe

      Nudes vary, so it needs to your nude. (Similar tone as your flesh color.) The effect is to be invisible and so they lengthen the look of your legs. You’ll notice above, that my shoes are the same color as my skin.

    9. High heeled shoes or boots

      This is so obvious… but we can’t all wear them. If your feet can tolerate them, hem your pants so just the toe peeks out which will make your legs look longer. If you can’t wear heels, check out How To Look Chic In Flats on Pinterest, for some inspiration.

Do you have any tips to add, that I have forgotten?

Jennifer Connolly

Jennifer Connolly celebrates the unique experience of women over 50. As a Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, she empowers women to develop their image, personal style and self confidence. Her blog, A Well Styled Life, gives women the tools to appreciate their beauty and fully embrace the joys of midlife. Jennifer is a blogger, writer, wife, mom, grandmother. Pro-aging troublemaker, searching for the perfect foundation shade since 1973. Instagram: awellstyledlife

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