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Own Your Influence

influence and role modelSue can be found writing regularly over at Sizzling Towards Sixty. This post was originally published there.

In March we celebrated International Women’s Day. We took some time to acknowledge the achievements of women throughout our sisterhood. I had the radio on and noticed that the announcers asked us, their listeners, which woman has had the most influence in our lives?

I suppose we can all answer that question of who has influenced us  – mother, friend, colleague, teacher, etc.

However I would like to pose a different question to all of us – two questions in fact.

Are you a woman of influence?

Are you a role model for your children, grandchildren and other children out there?

Most of us would not suggest that we are women of influence. We often feel that this term is related to women who have achieved something beyond the norm. Women who are leading the way for others. However, we are all women of influence in our own way. Sure, I’m not a CEO or a high achiever or a celebrity in the public eye, but I still have the capacity to influence others and so do you!

Each of us has a responsibility to be a positive role model, especially for our children and grandchildren. We take on this responsibility when we have children, however, it doesn’t stop there. Our grandchildren also need positive role models in their lives. What greater gift can you give than to teach them a strong moral code and to encourage them to follow their dreams?

Being a woman of influence doesn’t stop with your inner family circle. You can lead by example and influence others by the way you live your life. It is truly as simple as that. You can influence others just by being YOU!

My mother was a wonderful influence on all who knew her. She never reached the dizzy heights of the business world and was a stay-at-home mum. Her influence came in the way she lived her life every day.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer and suffered for 10 years she never once complained. She had a strong faith which sustained her and gave her strength to keep going.

My mother was an outstanding, gentle and kind woman who was always more concerned about others than herself. She certainly was a positive influence and perfect role model for me. No celebrity status, just my beautiful Mum.


  • Are you living life to the fullest or are you just existing? Do you find yourself pulled down by negativity?
  • Are you displaying a compassionate and loving nature?
  • Do you have a cause you are passionate about?

There are so many ways we can be a positive influence on others, even if we aren’t perfect.

I try to encourage my family and friends to lead healthy and happy lives. I show them how to achieve this by exercising, eating a healthy diet and maintaining a balanced life. But I’m just me. A regular person. And when someone tells me I have inspired them I find myself feeling humbled but fantastic! Because I’ve proven that no matter who we are we can inspire others. And that’s such a great feeling.

Of course we all make mistakes in life – no one is perfect (sorry to shock you!) –  but that is what makes us who we are. It’s what makes us the best kinds of role models. We can use our life experiences to influence others.

If you aren’t being a positive role model – why not? It is all about our attitude. When we live in a positive mindset it becomes contagious. We can actually encourage and influence others to live a positive, healthy and happy life.

So what do you say? Are you a woman of influence? I say that YES! Yes, you absolutely are. So be sure to let her shine through. Let’s Keep Sizzling!

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Sue Loncaric

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    Tuesday 26th of April 2016

    Great article. You don't need to be CEO in order to be seen as successful and influential person. Success is not only measured in money. Success also means to give birth and then turn this child into a good person. Success also means to help people in need. Success is to remain human nowadays...

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