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8 Deals and Steals for National Coffee Day

How To Get Free Coffee On National Coffee DayIt’s a glorious day today, everyone!

It’s National Coffee Day!!!

Yes, I know, I couldn’t believe it, either. Coffee has its own special day. I mean – EVERY day should be National Coffee Day, don’t you think?

And if you’re one of those people who don’t drink coffee? Who exactly ARE you? What do you run on if you don’t run on Dunkin? (If you don’t understand this I don’t even know what to say to you.)

So, I’m here to keep you caffeinated and fueled up for the entire day. Are you ready? Here goes.

8 Deals and Steals for National Coffee Day

First you’re going to find your nearest Krispy Kreme.

And not only are you going to grab yourself a free 12 oz coffee, but you’re also able to get a free original glazed donut. I mean, that’s a delicious treat right there. Try and catch them when the HOT NOW sign is on and it’s even better!

Then you’re going to schedule in a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts. Because they’re offering a medium hot coffee for 66c all day long. Dunkin’ Donuts is celebrating it’s 66th year of fueling people – hence – the price of the medium coffee. That’s a steal if you ask me.

Do you have a Sheetz near you? If you do, go grab yourself a free small cold brew on it’s debut day with your Sheetz loyalty card. They actually make a really decent coffee. I’m a fan of their iced lattes with almond milk, myself, but I’d definitely give the cold brew a try. If you’re not sure where there is one head t0 their site to check their locations.

Did you know that Peet’s has actual stores? I always thought they just made coffee you could buy at Target or the grocery store. But now I know! Buy any food item at your local Peet’s and you’ll receive a free medium drip coffee with your purchase.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is offering either a free 8oz White Chocolate Cookie Chiller or a small coffee to help you celebrate. I know which one I’d choose. Find out more on the Gloria Jean’s Coffees Facebook page.

Plan on heading to your local Wawa? Grab yourself a free self-serve beverage (up to 24 oz) and enjoy!

And oh my goodness. 7-Eleven has a free coffee WEEK coming up. You read that correctly. Free. Coffee. Week. From October 3-9, and all you have to do is download their app and scan it at checkout. That sounds fairly simple to me. Looks like they are also offering some great deals on their XL coffees on Election Day, and on the day after the remaining two Presidential debates. They’re charging $1 for the XL stay-hot cups. It’s worth finding that nearby location even if you currently have no idea where it might be.

And don’t forget, one of my favorite places, Caribou Coffee is currently offering a free medium coffee when you buy a package of Amy’s Blend. And if you purchase a coffee there tomorrow? They’re donating a cup of coffee to nurses and family members at cancer centers across the US for every one purchased at their store. So you get to do good AND have a great cup of coffee.

There you have it. Where will you be heading tomorrow to get that delicious and absolutely necessary cuppa Joe?

Andrea Bates

Andrea is a native New Yorker living in NC who has become quite accustomed to wearing flip flops year-round. A licensed clinical social worker, she spends her free time volunteering for a number of organizations supporting women (more specifically, mothers) in need of a reminder that they are not alone. Andrea blogs at Good Girl Gone Redneck, where she writes from the heart, sharing the ins and outs of parenting, family and relationships. She also devours books and regularly features her honest reviews, ensuring that her readers are intrigued and ready for more.

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