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MyRxProfile – The App That’s Saving Lives

You get to your mom’s house after her latest doctor appointment – which in itself has you concerned for her because her blood pressure is back on the rise, her diabetes is no longer under control, and she has a bit of a twitch in her left arm – only to find the medicine cabinet in shambles, not a nice neat row of medications that you once put together.

You find chaos; half empty prescription bottles, outdated prescriptions, some that have never been opened, and even worse, a baggie filled with loose pills in a rainbow of assorted colors.

You have to be thinking – this IS bad. The touchy conversation that is about to happen makes one thing abundantly clear – your mom (or maybe it is another parent or sibling) needs help, and fast.

There is really no easy way to have that conversation, but there are things out there that can help – at least with part of it!

With technology right at our fingertips, it isn’t surprising to see a great app like MyRxProfile emerge. MyRxProfile was created by a pharmacist to help people understand the medication they take and avoid serious interactions.


The app makes it so simple for anyone to quickly scan over the counter and prescription medication to check for interactions anytime. MyRxProfile keeps you informed and safe by analyzing ALL medications.

And while your mom may not be one to use a smart phone or an app – it allows a user multiple profiles, so you can help her keep up with things easily. The app even makes it seamless to email a profile to a doctor, which can make for a quick and easy appointment.


According to FDA there are more than 100,000 deaths due to adverse drug reactions and the annual cost of adverse drug reactions is $136 Billion dollars.

What is even scarier than that?  50% of the 4.4 billion prescription medications that are dispensed in the United States are not taken correctly by patients.

That is really mind blowing if you think about it. Especially if you have a parent with the above-described medicine cabinet.


Technology is constantly improving and making our lives easier. The MyRxProfile app is simple and easy to use. You can check for drug interactions with a simple swipe of your phone and scan of a bar code. People shouldn’t have to second-guess whether or not they can take medications together. MyRxProfile has taken out the guesswork – and made it simple to save lives!

Available on iOS and Android. For more information on MyRxProfile, visit, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Renee Kemper

Mother of two active almost-grown-up teenagers, living in Arkansas with her Husband, she and her family are energetic outdoor enthusiasts. They can be found Camping, Hiking, Kayaking, and always finding new ways to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. A country girl at heart, but living in the middle of town, she has found creative ways to make the best of both worlds. Founder of and contributing author of The Mom Quilt and The Mom Village, she writes and blogs about food, family, working from home, and their many adventures.

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Renee Kemper

Friday 25th of August 2017

Yes, I totally agree Suzanne! My mom just went through some medical issues and we had to call the ambulance, when they got there their first question was what medications is she taking. I would not have known all of them without the app!

Suzanne Fluhr

Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds like a great tool for those of us caring for a frail, elder relative and sometimes, even for ourselves. It would be a nice addition if the app would also send reminders about when to take medication.

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