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My Listen To Your Mother Experience

2016 Baton Rouge Listen To Your MotherPennie can be found sharing at The Accidental Blogger, a space where she opens up about some of the things that interest her most – like travel, cooking, canning, jewelry and writing.

Thirteen Listen To Your Mother (LTYM) Baton Rouge 2016 cast members gave motherhood a microphone on May 1st.

We were a diverse group.

And I’m not referring to our skin color, hair color, or ages (I was the oldest, by the way), but rather to the diversity in the pieces of our heart that each of us shared on stage. And even more intriguing to me than our diversity is the connection that runs through it.

And I don’t mean the show or the stage, or even motherhood. I’m talking about the connection of experience and emotion we have each experienced.

  • I wasn’t the only mom who…
    • never planned to be one.
    • has learned from her (sometimes “adulty”) children.
    • questioned her heart, her love, her choices.
    • channels lessons and wisdom from the “giants” who came before her.
    • experiences the chaos, the hilarity, the heartbreak.
    • lifts herself out of the fear for future or the grief of loss.
    • experienced some healing energy this spring.

I feel uplifted, connected, and refreshed by this experience. I encourage everyone to attend the next LTYM show in their area. And to those who feel they have a story about motherhood (and you needn’t be a mother nor a woman to have such a story!) to share – definitely consider auditioning next year.

Listen To Your Mother Baton Rouge 2016 Cast

Thanks to director Meghan Matt for bringing LTYM to Baton Rouge, to producer Audrey Hayworth for helping her pull together a beautiful show, and to LTYM founder Ann Imig for being an absolute game changer and making this experience possible for so many.

Stay tuned for Pennie’s story – we’ll be sharing it with you next week!

© Copyright Pennie Nichols, 2016. All Rights Reserved

Pennie Nichols

I have long been an editor, writer for hire, and textbook author. I wrote my way into a freelance career and suddenly I’m here, with socks covered in the bothersome burrs of freelancers and middle-aged women. I am not weary of writing. Every day is a new opportunity to define, invent, and discover myself through words. Words are the tools that help me dig deep into my experiences and relationships, the energy that draws me out into light and understanding. Through sharing my experiences and words, I hope to connect, to share a little light.

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Joan stommen

Friday 6th of May 2016

Congrats on sharing your voice on stage; your story that touches the audience! I attended my first LTYM performance here I St Joseph Michigan and it was amazing! I'm still savoring the readings and how they were delivered! I encourage everyone to attend or audition...the experience will touch your soul! Thanks for sharing, Pennie!


Friday 6th of May 2016

Thanks, Joan. It was (continues to be) a truly lovely experience.


Friday 6th of May 2016

As I rambled it today as well listen to your mother was such a phenomenal phenomenal experience for me, too. <3


Friday 6th of May 2016

You didn't ramble at all! Your story was beautiful and beautifully told.

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