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My Husband’s Easter Surprise

A surprising but sweet gift on Easter has this blogger speechless. Read more on her blog, Anzworld.


Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. After a cold winter, the warmth of spring is always welcome. The sight of flowers blooming reawakens my soul. This particular Easter, I got quite the surprise. Scott had taken the kids out to buy me Easter flowers. I enjoyed the time at home and read the paper, sipping coffee in peace. Shortly, they enthusiastically arrived with my gift. I could hear the girls chattering as they walked in the door. “Oh, Mom is going to love this! They are so beautiful!”

My Husband's Easter Surprise
They marched into the house like Medal of Honor recipients. Scott followed the troops and led me to the front porch. I had no idea what to expect. Did they buy tulips, lilies, or daffodils? He made me close my eyes and guided me out the front door. When I opened my eyes, I was definitely surprised!
There on the front porch stood a two-an-a-half-foot cross, wrapped in yellow ribbon. There were purple and white silk flowers flowing from the center. It had a stand behind it, with metal legs to push into the grass. He’d bought me a cemetery cross! He had no idea that it belonged on plot number 216 at St. Joseph’s Cemetery. “Anne, look at this,” he said proudly. “It’s perfect for out back near the deck, too. The best thing is you can pick it up and carry it to wherever you are sitting.”
I didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth, so I just smiled and agreed that this was a perfect Easter present. “I never would have thought of this myself,” I said honestly. The kids were clapping their hands and bouncing with excitement that I loved my gift.

When my parents came over, Scott showed them my new flowers and they also agreed they were lovely. I signaled them to be quiet and not to laugh aloud. We sat in the family room after dinner, and Scott sent the kids out to bring the flowers in so we could enjoy them. They had a place of honor near the fireplace. My dad spoke first. “Scott, where did you find these? I have to get Bette some next year.”
Scott proceeded to tell my dad that they must be very popular because there were about fifty to choose from. My mom smiled and agreed that they looked so real, you’d never know they were silk. “It’s like having a portable garden,” she said as Scott proudly bent the green leaves upward for the full effect.
“Can’t you just almost smell their fragrance?” I asked my mom.
“Jimmy, I hope you remember this for me next Easter,” she said as Scott puffed his chest out proudly once again.
A few months later, we had to attend a funeral and that’s when Scott noticed the flowers at another gravesite. He nudged me and asked, “Did you see those flowers? They look just like your Easter flowers!”
Again, I didn’t have the heart to tell him; they not only looked like my flowers, they were identical. I leaned in and told him, “Mine are so much prettier. They are nothing like those.” He smiled proudly.
I love this man!

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