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Mourning the Loss of a Blogger

Sara Broers, blogger at All in an Iowa Mom’s Day, lost a dear friend and fellow blogger when she was in a car accident. We’re so glad that Sara is still up for joining us a speaker at the BAM Bloggers at Midlife conference.


OK~ My heart is broken and I’m not sure how it will heal. One of our North Iowa Bloggers lost her life in an auto accident on February 25. 2015. Amy of Modern Rural Living, was a vibrant young lady who was engaged to the love of her life, Spenser. I find myself asking, why………… Her parents lost a beautiful daughter and her brother lost a sister. I’m sure other relatives are also wondering why. And it’s also fair to say that we North Iowa Bloggers lost a dear friend.

Today one of my friends said to me, “Well Sara, you know God takes the good ones!” She’s right- Boy, did he take a GREAT one home. Amy had shared her faith with me and I have no doubt that she is dancing in heaven like nobody ever has.

My friend Amy was a rock star blogger, and you know what? She understood social media like it was nobody’s business. I would have to say that she re-tweeted more than 80% of my tweets and engaged with others. Maybe that’s why we clicked. Amy loved meeting new people and she liked to learn new things. Sounds like someone I know- myself.

I have never let age be a disconnect when it comes to working with others. Amy was 27 years old, much younger than I, but we were both in a profession we loved. We both loved blogging. Blogging has allowed me to work side by side with people from all walks of life. Bloggers have a passion for helping others, connecting people and living life. Heck, if bloggers didn’t walk away from a computer now and then they would have nothing to write about.

I will never forget the day that the North Iowa Bloggers took a road trip to Webster City, Iowa. We had a wonderful day. We laughed, we ate, we shopped, and we wrote about new experiences, which equaled a perfect day. Amy is on the far right- look at that smile! Boy, I will miss her smile.

Mourning the Loss of a Blogger

Amy, on the right

I have found myself staring at her photo on Facebook for hours on end, and I am now moving forward. I will do what Amy would want me to do. She would want me to keep writing, sharing, meeting new people, learning new things and helping people make new connections in North Iowa. Amy understood the importance of local, as she played a huge role in the organization of our North Iowa Bloggers Group.

You know, I’ve been saying this quite a bit lately, “Get out and live your life!” I can tell you- I will keep saying that forever and ever. Life is short- Hug your family and friends, as we never know when our time is up.

Several out of state bloggers have asked where they can send memorials. Here is a link  to where they can be sent. It amazes me how quickly she was branching out. Just this past weekend, she drove by herself to Kansas City to a Blog Conference. She was dedicated and doing what she had to do to grow a business in blogging. I will miss watching her blog grow- her blog rocked!

On a side note.. Winter- I really do HATE you! I am anxiously awaiting Spring, as I know Amy will show her presence in someway once those flowers start blooming. I look forward to seeing my dear friend Amy again. My heart is broken, but I do know that it will heal. Until then my dear friend….. After All, It’s All In a Mom’s Day, Right?

Sara Broers

Sara has been blogging for six years. She also blogs at and her social media business is Social Connections, LLC http;// Blogging has given me opportunities that would have never been possible had I not published that first post. Instagram: @travelwithsara

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Wednesday 4th of March 2015

Sara, I am so sorry for your loss. It is never easy at any age , but especially when so young and a full life ahead of her. I Look forward to meeting you in Nashville. Safe travels.

Elaine @ OMG Lifestyle Blog


Wednesday 4th of March 2015

Hello there, Sara! I cannot stop thinking and reading about Amy. The shock and loss to you and the North Iowa Bloggers must be overwhelming. Last night, I looked up the news angle of her accident, as I could not bear to do it before, but I had to know what had happened. Such a mystery as to why things occur like they do. I hope attending the BAM Conference, and moreover speaking with all of the sure-to-come kudos, will provide a soothing respite from the last several weeks. I'll be with you in spirit, as will Amy. Much Love, Fondly, Robin

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