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Miracles Big and Small

If you look hard enough and often enough, miracles appear every day. Vera Linton tells us her story of miracles. Read more from Vera on her blog.


Late Sunday night, I borrowed my husband’s car, to pick my sister and brother-in-law up from the airport. As I started up the vehicle, I noticed that my husband had been listening to talk radio, FM 96.7. I had turned down the volume, to hear all about my sister’s trip. After dropping them off, and on my way home, I turned the volume back up on the radio. I had missed the opening segment, so I don’t know who to credit this story to. But what I did hear goes something like this.


This man was on a trip with his son. His son had opened up a conversation about miracles. The boy wondered if modern day miracles still occurred. Dad explained to his son, that miracles do happen everyday. In fact, he bet his son, that in the next 10 miles on the long stretch of road ahead of them, they would witness a miracle. They drove mile after mile without seeing anything. The boy, began loosing faith in what his father had promised him.

At the very end of the 10th mile, the man pulled the car over to the side of the road and announced to the boy, he had found their miracle. The boy could not see one. The father got out of the car and walked to the front of it, and pointed to the ground.

Confused, the boy, got out of the car to get a closer look at this miracle. He sees a sunflower growing from out of the concrete on the side of the road. He asked his father how this sunflower was a miracle. His father explained the odds of a seed being dropped into this crevasse, just big enough to hold it. Somehow, in that crevasse, the seed got enough water, to then sprout and grow.

As the sunflower grew, it beat even greater odds of not getting smashed, under the wheel of hundreds of cars traveling on this road. Facing daily annihilate, the sunflower managed to grow and produced a beautiful flower. Given all its circumstances, this was truly miraculous. This was their 10 mile miracle. The father further explained to the boy, that miracles like these happen every day. Had they not been looking for a miracle, they would have missed it entirely.

This story reminded me, that miracles are alive and well and living among us. Big miracles happen every day too. People are healed, saved, and rescued. But it’s usually the small miracles we tend to overlook. The miracles of life, in nature, and in receiving a note from a friend, just when you needed it.

I challenge you to look for miracles today. Open your mind to the reality of the possibility, that we are surrounded by miracles. You will see your life in a brand new perspective. Your life will be filled with the possible not the impossible. As you seek and find the miracles in your daily life, they will grow in size and number. The impossible will become possible.



Vera Linton

My purpose is to uplift, inspire, and entertain through my writing. I am a published author and a children's book illustrator. I am currently working on the 2nd novel of the "Maggie Bloom" series. The first novel is called PAPER OR PLASTIC which was published 3/2014 and is available through Amazon. I started my career as a graphic artist and founded a marketing/design firm. I realized a goal in illustrating children's books 3 years ago and also began writing. I have 2 dogs, love the beach, enjoy gardening, reading, cooking, and watching British period films.

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Tammy Pennington

Monday 13th of April 2015

thank you for posting this just when I needed it most.

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