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The Midlife Runway…What Should Walk on It?

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I usually feel it right around bedtime.  The desire to keep going, the feeling it’s time to stop.  These moments happen earlier now and I battle it every night.  I also feel it Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  A trainer presents a physical challenge…my mind says no problem, my body says there sure is.

These are really the only times I see “60” pulsating like a walkway sign in my brain. For the most part, I feel great and have to constantly remind myself I have entered a new phase… standing at the top of the downhill.  I do not look or feel as I envisioned I would at this age. I guess that is why I insist my grandson call me GG and not grandma.  It’s one of those words which make me feel older.

The Midlife Runway...What Should Walk on It?

There are also fashion choices I usually avoid, because they give me that “older feeling” at midlife.  Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and styling does matter…but, usually, this is what I avoid:

  1. Boxy, bulky tee shirts and Polos:  Fit does matter and makes me feel fantastic…not drab or frumpy.
  2. Wide-legged capris pants:  Sometimes I think these are the national uniform of Texas women in the summer.  When I look in the mirror, I just say NO.
  3. Lace:  A lace cami or scarf might work and I do have a lace cardigan which is flattering…however, when trying on the majority of lace garments, I do not feel forty…like my blog name says!
  4. Florals & polka dots:  It is the same with florals & polka dots.  I have a few floral garments…they are the darker florals. The lighter, pastel florals just bring on the aging for me….and, I so want polka dots to still work. They just don’t.
  5. Prairie, long skirts:  Some women look gorgeous in these….they currently do not flatter my body…maybe someday, I will look in the mirror and see something different when I try them on.  Right now they scream old and frumpy for me.

Trends are fun in fashion. They make the industry creative and similar to ever-changing art.  However, we must all consider how we feel in the trend.  What does it communicate about us?  The above list includes messages I personally do not want to send with my style…however, they may work great for some of you.

We are all different with our different style guidelines, body types, and what we love.  I find sometimes a youthful trend can also be an aging one.  Remember when Clinton Kelly said, “If you compete with 25 year olds, you will always lose!”  Often true.   I do believe it is important for the fashion industry to listen to women of a certain age and understand what we feel older in…therefore, avoid purchasing.

Tell them now, here…what clothing makes you feel older and because of that, you don’t buy it!!

If I am going to be up front with the fashion industry, I guess I need to be with other people in my life. My next mission would be words…I really don’t like to be called sweetie or baby or honey…I find these terms condescending and equivalent to a pat on the head…especially when delivered by young women!!

That’s another conversation for another day!

Thanks for stopping by The Joy Boutique, have a great week and make sure you leave your comment for the fashion designers and clothing industry….let’s tell them what we will and won’t wear!

Pamela Lutrell

Pamela Lutrell began her blog, over50feeling40, July 2010 with a desire to encourage women over 50 to walk in strength, confidence and joy. Of course, head turning style makes each day fun!

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Sunday 9th of March 2014

I am in my sixties and love to dress nicely, but I refuse to wear: wide, horizontal stripes; black around my face; skinny pants; capris; boxy and shapeless tops; large patterns or florals; anything neon. And there must be shape someplace. Anything else is negotiable.


Thursday 6th of March 2014

Capris look awful on me now. They never were my favorite with my long torso and shorter legs -- but as I get older I really don't like them. My rule of thumb is if I think it looks too young (even though I can physically wear it) it probably is. It's hard sometimes, but better safe and looking good.

Marilyn Leslie

Wednesday 5th of March 2014

I avoid short skirts. I love long skirts and dresses that are mid calf or longer.My legs are not my strong suit! Thanks Pam for this post.. I once knew a young man who wanted be a fashion designer. i tried to convince him that middle-aged women would spend money on beautiful clothes that flattered them, but to no avail. I think we are the great untapped marketfor beautiful clothes. and shoes.


Wednesday 5th of March 2014

Hm, what do I avoid to not look OLD, not sure if that's the same as what I just avoid. Definitely shapeless t-shirts and all polo tops. My mom never liked polo's on me, and eventually I had to agree - too masculine (for me). Also too youthful, now, probably (I'm 54). Also I'm just not a ruffles person and they probably would make me look old, too. I still like polka dots. I don't wear shorts much anymore (sigh). I have a couple cute holiday/winter sweaters that I used to love wearing anywhere, but now I have to think, first. If I'm going to be around children, they are fun and cute; otherwise, probably shouldn't be wearing them. Also, mid-calf skirts or pants - just bad for my figure.


Tuesday 4th of March 2014

Any plus size clothing that could be for a 20-year-old or an 80-year-old makes me feel old,

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