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A Midlife Christmas

I love the Christmas Season! It’s the time of year when my home feels the coziest, has the most colorful decorations and smells the yummiest. And I love Christmas music, even if it does start at Thanksgiving or before! I grew up in the snow belt of northern Ohio so most of my early Christmases were snow white, filled with sled riding, ice skating, and sipping hot chocolate by the crackling fire place. It also was a wonderful family time of seeing cousins, aunts and uncles and old friends.

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I am also reminded of so many memories from all the years spent raising my children. I even have fond memories of the times when I was a “Zombie Mom” by Christmas day, as I backed dozens of cookies and tried to make everything just perfect for my family. Now that the kids are grown, I’m both missing and enjoying my new “toy-less” holidays.

I spent most of last Saturday pulling out our decorations and placing them in their spot. Some of them are hand-me-downs, others were gifts and some of them I bought purposefully for a specific place in my home.

Now that the children have left the nest I am enjoying this holiday season in a new way.

This year I’m trying more than ever to reinvent my Midlife Christmas.

>Instead of humming Christmas carols mindlessly, I am meditating on the meaning of the words.

>Instead of a frantic search for the perfect gift, I’m going with a list and making my shopping trips a fun adventure.

>Instead of going into debt with my gift giving, I am simplifying the process with meaningful gifts while staying within a budget.

>Instead of mailing out hundreds of Christmas Cards, I am sending out an e-mail newsletter.

>Instead of making 18 different  types of cookies, I am focusing on baking a few of my favorite recipes.

>Instead of attending every party and event I am invited to, I am attending the parties and events that I enjoy.

>Instead of filling every minute with my to-do list of endless activities, I am taking time for meditation, exercise and healthy eating.

>Instead of being overwhelmed by the needs of others, I am strategically planning my charitable holiday giving.

>Instead of being completely frazzled and stressed out, I am enjoying the holiday season like never before.

This year I’m reminded that Christmas should not a time to be stressed out and frazzled, but a time to enjoy a very special season.

What about you?

How are you going to enjoy a more peaceful and enjoyable holiday?


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Mary Buchan, Lifestyle RN

Mary Buchan RN has over 30 years of health and wellness experience. After helping a wide range of people over the years, she recently repurposed her Nurse’s Cap as a Life Reinvention Coach, Speaker, and Author of the new book <a href="</a>https://">Over It – How to Live Above Your Circumstances and Beyond Yourself . As a mid-lifer with an empty nest, she blogs about self-discovery, relationships, reinvention, and healthy living. Her motto: Make the rest of your life the best of your life. For more information, visit <a href="">Mary Buchan's website</a>.

Travels with Tam

Thursday 19th of December 2013

Sounds good. My nest is normally empty, but full right now with both kids and significant others, and their dogs and cats! And a husband who just came home from having a double lung transplant. I can't say I'm not frazzled as usual!

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