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Introducing Midlife Boulevard Mental Health Columnist Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Editor’s Note: This week we’re happy to introduce Dr. Margaret Rutherford as our Mental Health Columnist. Dr. Margaret specializes in the treatment of anxiety and depression in adults. Dr. Margaret is available to answer your confidential questions in future columns – email her at

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We all have some wisdom.

Sometimes we are going through things in life where we lose sight of what we know.  Or we become someone we don’t like.  We have fears that we didn’t expect to have.  Anger that won’t subside.

We hit a snag.

I am thrilled to have been invited by Sharon and Anne to write a mental health column for Midlife Boulevard.  I have been a practicing clinical psychologist for over 20 years.  Briefly in Dallas, Texas.  Mostly in Fayetteville, Arkansas where my husband and I have also parented a now 19 year-old son.

My work has been varied.  Mostly adults, some teenagers.  Lots of couples.  You can’t really “specialize” too much in a smaller community, so I am probably more akin to a family physician than a gastroenterologist.

I did have a professor from the university call me “the proctologist of his soul” one time.  I never quite knew how to take that.

I have treated anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, post traumatic stress.  Poor self-image.  And lots of relationship problems.  Affairs, “communication issues,” lack of intimacy, parenting problems.

Anything that keeps folks away from living a full, meaningful life.

First, our hope is that you will pose questions for me to answer, or suggest topics for me to discuss.  Confidentiality is of course vital.  So your identity will be completely protected, if you so desire.  My ethical integrity is based on this, so you can count on it.

I also realize the imitations of “internet therapy”.  It is no substitution for being in the room with a really good practitioner.  But I would hope that I could offer ideas or information.  A base from which to begin to grow or change.  Or support in going the way you are!

Second, I also want you to share YOUR wisdom.  We can have discussions as well.  You might not pose a question as much as comment about a mental health or relationship issue.  We will have discourse!!!  I have learned so much from my patients through the years.  In fact, sometimes I feel as if I serve as a conduit of information – flowing from one patient to the next.  So that they can all learn from one another.

I will look forward to learning from and with you.  I will hope that my experience as a psychologist will be helpful to you.

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Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Dr. Margaret Rutherford has been in practice in Fayetteville, Arkansas for over 20 years. She began blogging in 2012 with the website “NestAche”, and following with in April 2014. Her work can be found here on Midlife Boulevard, as well as the Huffington Post, Boomeon, WeWantMore, BetterAfter50 and Arkansas Women Bloggers.

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Ann Reed

Tuesday 24th of June 2014

Loved your article about my dear friend, Adaire. I walked that journey with her. Challenging with her in KC , but great news they're moving back to PB! They won't be in Kansas anymore! There's no place like home!!

Phoebe Wulliman Graber

Friday 31st of January 2014

Congratulations on your new post! I'm glad I had the chance to visit with you, ever so briefly, at BlogHer'13. I look forward to reading your column!

Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Friday 31st of January 2014

Would love to see you at BlogHer14 as well! That was such an exciting event for me - my first conference in the blogging world. It was where I met Grown and Flown's Mary Dell Harrington and Lisa Heffernan, who introduced me to one Sharon Greenthal. And so it goes! Thank you for commenting Phoebe and saying a hello!

Dina Hijazi

Friday 31st of January 2014

Dr. M., I'm so thrilled that this wonderful site has expanded their readership by adding you! I have read your work and you offer a mix of hope, humor and practical advice. I'm looking forward to reading your words and to the conversations of your followers. Dina

Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Friday 31st of January 2014

You are right on target about this being a wonderful site! I am so thrilled to be included in such a great group of columnists and bloggers! You have me figured out as well in the practical department. I am all about not just talking about an issue but what very pragmatically you can do about it. Thank you Dina. Your support means so much.

Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Friday 31st of January 2014

Hold the anchovies?


Friday 31st of January 2014

So happy to anticipate your words of wisdom. And welcome to the group! New kid buys the pizza! :)

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