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Memorial Day Craft: Cupcake Cup Wreath

We are big fans of Danyelle Little and her site, The Cubicle Chick. Here’s festive seasonal wreath her contributor Katie Femia created. Make this Memorial Day craft just in time for your barbeque this weekend and use it again for the Fourth of July! 

DIY Memorial Day Cupcake Cup Wreath Craft
Let your patriotic spirit shine when you craft this easy and inexpensive Memorial Day Craft of a Cupcake Cup Wreath. Perfect for adorning your front door, office, or any space for that matter, this wreath will add the perfect pop of red, white and blue. Take a look at how to make your own. It is easier than you may think!

DIY Memorial Day Cupcake Cup Wreath Craft

Supplies needed:

  • Foam wreath form (the green will be sturdier than the white)
  • Red scrap fabric (any scrap fabric will do, check the discount bin at your local craft store)
  • Assorted patriotic cupcake cups (look for red, white, blue, and flag themed)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue & glue gun

We found everything we needed at our local craft supply store. You can also find items such as the patriotic cupcake cups at your local dollar store or Walmart store. They have tons of patriotic décor out now so you should be able to find some without any trouble.

DIY Memorial Day Cupcake Cup Wreath

1. Begin by cutting your red scrap fabric into strips. Begin wrapping it tightly around the wreath.
2. As you end one piece and start a new one, simply add a dab of glue to adhere it to the foam.
3. Continue wrapping until the wreath is covered in the red fabric. Once it is, you can now begin your rosettes that you are making from cupcake cups.
4. Turn your cupcake cups inside out so the pattern is able to be seen on the inside. Glue a cluster of them (3-4) to the lower side of your wreath.
5. Take additional cups and pinch them together into bunches. You will then add some glue to them and press them inside of the previously glued cups. Repeat the process until this cluster of flowers is nice and full.

Your wreath is now ready to be displayed. You can wrap additional fabric around it or ribbon to hang it. You can even hang it from a wreath hook for a more clean look.

Memorial Day Cupcake Cup Wreath Craft.jpg

As with any project, feel free to add additional embellishments of your choice. Your local dollar store will have flags, glitter, decals, and other patriotic pieces which you may choose to add. Feel free to use your hot glue and secure it wherever you would like.

DIY Memorial Day Cupcake Cup Wreath Craft

Welcome Memorial Day to your home when you give this wreath a try. It is sure to get you in the patriotic spirit!

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