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Long Time Love x 2

When my mom was nine, her best friend Bona Lockwood gave her a panda for Christmas.

Mom named the bear Myrtle.

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It’s not hard to guess, from her appearance, that Myrtle has led an exuberant life.

Lots of love.  Plenty of adventures.

Myrtle’s favorite piece of jewelry is a red wooden heart. My Uncle Byrt made the pin when he was thirteen. She’s worn it ever since.

In 1942, Myrtle and Mom went away to college.  More good times!

Enter a new love for Mom.

Myrtle wasn’t especially pleased.

After my parents married, Dad promised Myrtle an allowance of two cents a week. His benevolent gesture improved her spirits.

Over the years, Dad worked to keep up a good relationship with Myrtle. You can see by the expression on her face that she’s a discerning bear, a careful judge of character.

For sixty-four years, Dad sometimes surprised Mom by having Myrtle move around the house. She’d go from the bedroom to the kitchen, from the family room to the study.

Two years ago, my father lay down for a nap and never woke up.

When I arrived the next day, Myrtle was sitting on Mom’s bed.

I figured Mom had moved her.  A touch of comfort at a heartbreaking time.

“You’ve got Myrtle on your bed. Nice.”

“Dad put her there,” Mom said.  ”Three days ago.”

And that’s the end of this story.

Except that true love stories, as you know, never really end.

Barbara Younger

Barbara Younger's blog, A Friend for the Ride: Encouraging Words for the Menopause Roller Coaster, takes an upbeat look at menopause and midlife. She welcomes guest posts! Shoot her an email at the address on her "About the Blog and Me" page. The author of over twenty books for adults and children, Barbara holds an a MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Barbara lives in a 180-year-old house in the small town of Hillsborough, North Carolina with her husband Cliff and collections of everything from dolls to Golden Books to butter boxes. She's the mother of two grown daughters and grandmother to one adorable baby boy.

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Saturday 15th of February 2014

Lovely, Barbara! Has Maze taken an interest in Myrtle? Hope the love gets carried on!


Friday 14th of February 2014

What a sweet story. I have a panda bear that looks almost the same that I received as a child. He's threadbare just like yours. My son loves him now.

Barbara Younger

Saturday 15th of February 2014

Oh fun! I haven't ever seen another bear who looks like Myrtle! Mom said they were really trendy years ago when interest in China grew in the 1930s.

Anne Parris

Friday 14th of February 2014

I did not expect to cry, but you got me.

My grandparents were married for more than fifty years, and my papa was a widower for sixteen more years, but the love never ended.

Barbara Younger

Saturday 15th of February 2014

It must be such a shock the moment one spouse realizes the other is truly gone.

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