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12 Rules for Being a Successful Rebel

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei’s personal blog, Moxie-Dude.


My friend, The Social Media Fairy Godmother, asked me recently about the best life advice I’ve ever received. The question was part of Manulife’s #LifeAdvice campaign. (Before I continue, I just want to say: isn’t it cool that I can use the words “my friend” and “Fairy Godmother” in the same sentence?)

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the video, you can click here for my response.

12 Rules for Being a Successful Rebel: best life advice

The ironic thing about this advice is that it comes from my father, who is nonconforming by nature and who sternly marches to the beat of his own drum. But I suppose that’s how it is when you’re a parent; you multi-task. You lead your own freak parade while at the same time conscientiously projecting a sense of “better” into your children. It’s exhausting.

And while I didn’t have much time to think about an answer to The Social Media Fairy Godmother’s big question, I’ve been thinking about it ever since our studio recording. And by studio recording I mean in her car with an iPhone.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it really is the best life advice I’ve ever received. Also, I’ve been observing that there are two types of rebels in the world:

Type A – The responsible rebel (aka my father)

And of course …

Type B – The causeless rebel (Not to be confused with “Rebel Without a Cause”. That’s a movie.)

The fine line between these two types of rebels is that one is curious and bright and confronts with good reason while the other is just senseless. One challenges; the other is defiant.

Confession: In my younger (read: stupider) years I may or may not have been a Type B rebel. Which I suppose is unfortunate for me. Although I’ve never landed in jail or anything, life hasn’t always been kind. I also realize that everything happens for a reason. And sometimes that reason is just that I was stupid and made bad decisions.

So if you’re like me and admire Type A rebels and would even like to be one some day, I’ve prepared a few rules for shining your bright, curious self so that you can challenge life responsibly and live your life as a successful rebel.

(Although if you’re any type of rebel at all, just the fact that I call these “rules” may cause you to ignore them.)

12 Rules to being a Type A rebel

  1. Always obey the law.
  2. Always be considerate of people’s feelings.
  3. Always be respectful of other’s property.
  4. Constantly think FOR yourself; not necessarily ABOUT yourself.
  5. Wear your confidence, with confidence.
  6. Be curious.
  7. Never take anything for granted.
  8. Know the difference between laws and rules.
  9. If you must break the rules, make sure that it’s for a good reason; also make sure that rules #1 and #2 are being abided by.
  10. Never allow yourself to be stifled by non-rebels and conformists.
  11. Know that those who judge you are probably only judging you in your own head.
  12. Always, ALWAYS follow the instructions on a frozen pizza box.

Mona Andrei

Mona Andrei is a technical writer for a serious company in a serious industry. When she’s had enough serious for one day, she likes to write irreverent posts for her personal blog, Moxie-Dude, life updates gone wrong. Or right. She’s undecided. Follow her on Twitter @MoxieDude

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