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Let’s Get Physical – Halloween Costumes

You still have time to work up a good Halloween work out outfit. Try saying that 10 times quickly. Why not go as a Perfect 10 — from the 80s or 90s, that is. One benefit — you will not be tempted to eat too much Halloween candy if you are outfitted in lycra, spandex, and other gear stretched tighter than sheep gut over a snare drum.

Hello 90s

Bought & worn in the 80s

If you have access to
leg warmers,
thong – or even better (worse?), full-bottomed leotards,
terry cloth braided headbands,
shiny tights,
t-shirts with strategic strips cut into them, or
flashdance sweatshirts with the neck and sleeve hems cut ragged

1980s purple leotard

–why then, you are SET to SWEAT and COLLECT on full Halloween treats.


In case you do NOT own the above, do what we did and go to your local thrift store. You can also do what we did and take all your pictures in the dressing room due to massive embarrassment from all the adoring stares we received from the homeless guys. Hey, for under $20 you can Sweat Back in Time and be popular.

We did, and discovered a few things:
1) Such valuable fitness costume items may be available for purchase pre-Halloween only. The thrift stores we went to all hold onto their “good” stuff until October then present it as costumes. So shop while you can! You never know when you need a pair of bright pink exercise shorts.

pink fitness shorts from the 90s

2) Some of the stuff we thought was “perfect” meaning hideous and dated and obviously an over-the-top costume turned out to look pretty darn good and au courant. How does that reflect on our taste? Yikes!

Tennis anyone?

So not cute

3) Bargains do exist if you are willing to dig a little. By “dig” we mean “humiliate yourselves in public.”

bright orange fitness outfit



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Alexandra and Kymberly Williams

Identical twins and fitness pros Alexandra Williams, MA and Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. They teach, write, edit, emcee and present their programs worldwide on land, sea and airwaves. They co-write the blog, which focuses on healthy aging for Boom-Chicka-Boomers! As freelance writers, they combine their fitness and educational knowledge (Alexandra - Counseling; Kymberly - English) to share tips for aging actively.

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