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Siri and Me – a Working Relationship

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Some of you are too young to remember this but once upon a very long time ago an entire population of people only ever wrote things down on paper. Grocery lists, phone numbers and random thoughts … to record any of these a pen and a piece of paper were required. (As I write this I’m thinking that such a society would be known as Neanderthals to anyone born after 1995. I’m not sure how that makes me feel … possibly old but I need to process before I commit.)

And then technology happened.

Siri and Me - a Working Relationship

One of the great things about technology is how efficient it makes us. Thanks to Siri, for example, we can set our alarms, give ourselves reminders and even place events in our calendars by simply conjuring up our very own personal assistant.

“Siri, new event for my calendar.”

She’s nothing more than a robot but she’s diligent and reliable and I love her. My only complaint is that I wish she could cook and fold laundry. (Possibly her great-great-next-generation version will be bestowed with such wonderful powers.)

Since the Hamster never shuts up, I can even “write” while driving. I just call upon my ever-faithful “secretary” and tell her to “take a note” – and she does. Every idea or thought is conveniently stored for later.

Except that …

I recently realized that I might be expecting too much from Siri after I engaged in this conversation with her:

Me: Siri, find the number for that pedi place I went to in May.

Siri: I can’t find “that-pedi-place-I-went-to-in-May” in your contacts. Would you like me to search the web?

Me: No, thank you.

Siri: I’m just doing my job.

*Silence as I ponder what just happened*

First thought: She’s right. Why am I thanking a robot?

Second thought: Why am I AGREEING with a robot?!



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