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Take These 5 Steps And Start Blogging

Take These 5 Steps And Start BloggingLooking to start a blog and don’t know where to begin? I’ve got some simple steps to get you started.

Now, many of you may already have a site that is flourishing, but let’s be realistic, many women out there are looking for a new outlet and finding new communities and they’re itching to share their wisdom and experience somewhere. Let’s help them get started!

5 Simple Steps You Need To Take To Start Blogging

What Do You Want To Write About?

So – you’ve got a lot happening. A lot on your mind. What do you want to write about? Motherhood? Marriage? Grief? Your empty nest? Health? Wealth? Wellness? Fitness? Cooking? There are SO many options. You honestly don’t have to decide right now. I just want you to keep it in mind because before you know it you might be sharing everything and anything and find yourself overwhelmed. Blogging can be a beautiful experience – don’t let yourself quit before you begin!

You Need A Blog Name

I know – do you really? Yeah. You kind of do. Even if your website is simply your full name, that’s fine. And honestly? Go grab that right now if you can. It’s probably what you’re going to end up wanting, even if you don’t want it right now! But come up with a name or a tagline. Something that represents who you are. What you’re going to talk about. What your life has been like. It can be super simple – the blog itself will hold all your details.

Find Your Platform

There are many platforms out there that you can house your blog on. I personally use Blogger for my own blog, and I work on WordPress here for Midlife Boulevard. Both have their positives. Many people navigate from Blogger to WordPress as they learn and grow, I just happen to be happy where I am. There are other choices, like Wix and Squarespace – neither of which I can tell you too much about, but I’m happy to dig up info if you need it. Just do due diligence and see which one you’re most comfortable with. And don’t worry – you really CAN change if you’re unhappy.

Find a Mentor

Is that hard to do? Possibly. But if you’re here reading this you probably know a few bloggers who can help you get started. And yes, many women are business women now. They charge for these sorts of things. You can do this – you can hire someone to design a site for you and get you started – absolutely. I advocate FOR my friends who get paid for this kind of work. They’re rockin’ it. But I also think that if you don’t really know where to begin you can take small steps and just talk to a few friends who blog – don’t take advantage of them – just ask them for a few starting out tips. If you’re friends I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to be your go-to person for a little while as you find your footing.

Sit Down and Write

It’s that simple. Once you get yourself set up? Sit down and write. You’re at the early stages, it’s beautiful and simple and all you have to do is open yourself up a bit and start sharing. If you’re unsure of who you want to tell when it comes to your audience – join some blogging groups on FB and start there. We’ve got an incredible Women of Midlife group where we share our content regularly and offer support to one another.

You likely already have a FB account, and you’re possibly on Twitter or Instagram. But don’t worry about social media just yet. It can be overwhelming when it comes to how to share – when – with who – what the rules are – etc. So just find some supportive friends and family, if you’re ready to share, and let them know you’ve started. Or use a group, like I’ve mentioned. Or email me at – I’m more than happy to support you through your early days.

So, there you have it. Sit down and share all the things you think are important to you and then some. And most importantly? Have fun. Please. Once it becomes a chore you won’t love it anymore and that’s the last thing I want for you.

Andrea Bates is the editor here at Midlife Boulevard. She can also be found on her own blog, Good Girl Gone Redneck, where she shares openly and, as stated, has been blogging since 2009, when her daughter was two and she was desperate for an outlet and a way to connect beyond her toddler and her dog. Blogging has become so much more than that for her. Please stop by and say hi!

Andrea Bates

Andrea is a native New Yorker living in NC who has become quite accustomed to wearing flip flops year-round. A licensed clinical social worker, she spends her free time volunteering for a number of organizations supporting women (more specifically, mothers) in need of a reminder that they are not alone. Andrea blogs at Good Girl Gone Redneck, where she writes from the heart, sharing the ins and outs of parenting, family and relationships. She also devours books and regularly features her honest reviews, ensuring that her readers are intrigued and ready for more.

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