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Hot Coffee on the Boulevard

It’s Friday – time for Hot Coffee on the Boulevard, where we bring you the best of the web from this week.

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Adding to the pile of books Sharon should really read before it topples over: The Headmaster’s Wife by Thomas Christopher Greene.

Anne first heard about this new gluten-free cookbook from Midlife Boulevard Food columnist Susan Williams. Anything from America’s Test Kitchen is amazing. So glad hot coffee is always gluten free!


If you’re text-challenged, here’s the biggest, most complete texting dictionary we’ve seen. OTOH, maybe you don’t care. LMK, ok? Via

Need a really great backup for your iPhone battery? There’s nothing that can beat the Mophie charger.


Parenting advice overload? Could be. On The New Yorker. Laugh out loud.

There’s been a lot written about Gwyneth and Chris’s divorce, but this post is hilarious. Don’t read if you’re a fan of Gwyneth’s. By Linda Roy.


Could Botox be the answer to treating depression? No wrinkles and a happy life! From the New York Times.

We salute the girl scout who sold 18,107 boxes of cookies this year. That’s a whole lot of Thin Mints and Samoas. On

Go for a drive. There are beautiful spots all over the country! on



This Travelpro carry on bag with wheels is such an incredible bargain. If you have any need for it, buy it. Sharon did. She can’t resist a bargain.

Anne went to Ulta this week to get her hair done and came home with a few extras, like this mascara from CK One. The brush twists to enhance either the curl or length of your lashes.

Tory Burch’s stepdaughters have come out with a new ready-to-wear line called Trade-mark. Shift dresses for everyone!

Ok, it’s art, we get it. But why would anyone want to do this to a Prada sweater???


Those in the upper middle class suffer from their own March Madness afflictions. On the Huffington Post.

Road trip, anyone? Oprah is taking it on the road later this year with two-day events in arenas in eight cities.

These photos of grandmothers around the world and the dishes they cook are fascinating – though iguana may be a bit out of our comfort zone. On

This video is fascinating and touching at the same time.

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Carpool Goddess

Friday 28th of March 2014

Great list! Love that you do all the work for me and all I have to do is read :)

Kathy Radigan

Friday 28th of March 2014

Thanks for a great way to spend some time before the kids get home! Happy Friday!

Carol Cassara

Friday 28th of March 2014

My next hour is now planned out. Thanks!

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