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50 Shades of Gray . . . ON MY HEAD!

If you know me in real life, you know that lately I’ve taken to putting a bandana thingy on my head instead of blow-drying my hair. And while I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen some of you think, “why doesn’t she just get a freaking hair cut?”, the truth is that the bandana serves an even bigger purpose than my lazy-ass morning routine.

Call me vain but guess what I’ve been seeing when I look in the mirror?

Never mind I’ll just tell you.

Gray hair, that’s what!

While everyone else can pass a mirror and see an ordinary, full reflection of themselves, whenever I look in the mirror all I get is a telescopic view of MY SCALP.

What does that mean? It means it’s time – once again – to take a trip to the hair salon so that I can fool myself into believing that dying my hair will keep me looking young forever.

Do I “really” believe that I can look young forever?

The answer to that question depends on whether or not I’m drinking wine at the time. Not that wine affects my eyesight – it just sort of “massages” my perception. Which kind of makes wine the all-purpose duct tape / WD-40 of aging.

Dear people who have been searching for the fountain of youth: I just found it.

It’s wine.

You’re welcome.

PS. I have no image to go with this post because I’m not drinking wine right now. (Don’t judge me. It’s 6 a.m.)

PPS. Oh and if you’ve ever wondered who invented the “mimosa”, I’m pretty sure it was a woman who woke up one Monday morning – when hair salon’s are closed – and realized that she needed something to hide her inch-thick Pepé Le Pew streak.

PPPS. So technically, SHE invented the fountain of youth.

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Mona Andrei

Mona Andrei is a technical writer for a serious company in a serious industry. When she’s had enough serious for one day, she likes to write irreverent posts for her personal blog, Moxie-Dude, life updates gone wrong. Or right. She’s undecided. Follow her on Twitter @MoxieDude

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