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Have I Turned Into a Grandma?

My kids have not had children—yet, but recently I have noticed the definite signs of Grandmother-dom. Kids have flown the coop and dang it, I am not yet blessed with human grandchildren. The silence would be deafening—if not for the dogs.

I have had dogs all my life. As most anyone will tell you, training and consistency are the hallmarks of a well behave, pleasant to be around canine. So too, I have always been consistent in training my dogs. High expectations of compliance have been what I’ve lived by…until now.



My name is Christine London and I am a doggie grandma. Yes, I have granddogs. There. I said it. Is there a twelve step group I can join to confess this truth?

I spoil. Dang it—I even go so far as to encourage the breaking of doggie table manners—101.

Basset Hounds and Golden Retrievers – past who have shared the surname of ‘London’ have always remained either beneath the table, snoozing, or at a distant from the dining area whilst humans were partaking in food consumption.

I confess. I have turned into a grandma.

Grandmas are allowed to, even expected to, buy their grandchildren toys and sweet treats far outweighing reason. Gluttony in the name of Grandma’s right to spoil is one of the nicer things about having reached the esteemed age and high office of the elder. We are supposed to be allowed–at least tolerated, as we feed our grand kids three scoop ice cream cones topped with gummy worms, sending them home spinning like the Tasmanian devil to their chagrined parents. Right?

As my Golden Retriever nudges my arm from beneath the table, providing her muzzle as a sort of ‘arm-pit mouth’; I spear a small piece of broccoli and chicken, knowing full well any dog mother would be mortified at what is to come next.

Yes. Golden Kiki opens her mouth in a dainty ‘O’ and turns on the canine vacuum, cajoling the morsels from my tines into her mouth. No one really noticed, did they?

Truth be told, I wouldn’t care if they did, because I have officially reached the age and status to do such things and attribute them to having joined the esteemed ranks of grandmother-dom.

So as I offer my teacup Yorkie, sitting on my opposite side, a bite-sized piece of baked chicken as he stares, on high alert, from his pillow on the chair next to me, you will indulge me right?

I am, after all,  a grandma now.

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Christine London

Christine is a multi-published L.A. girl who adores all things British. She considers herself the proverbial late bloomer, but hey--midlife is made for growing fabulous. You can find her most days tapping away at her computer—and smiling.

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Friday 20th of June 2014

Enjoyed your perspective. I'm a huge dog lover -- couldn't exist without my doggie but now I adopt shelters and they're just different in a positive way. Loved my purebreds but never again from a breeder. I not sure feeling 'empty' is reason to (selfishly?) long for grandchildren? Perhaps it's time to…enjoy the many beautiful existing things on our beautiful earth, now that your children are independent: birding, gardening, walking, museums - or learning something that occupies the mind: ballet, yoga, flute, guitar, opera. I hope you don't take that the wrong way but introspection can do a girl good. Longing for someone else to bear children to fill a void…?


Friday 20th of June 2014

I absolutely agree Mich. Grandchildren should not be to fill a void, but to beautify and enrich an already beautiful rich life. Just as dogs should never be to fill a void for 'cuteness'. All living things are souls of their own who are finding their way and learning each day, human and canine. We are absolutely here to learn from and provide rich soil for other souls.

Funny--I never wished for a grandchild and remain stalwart an independent person with much to learn. If one or more grandsouls ever do enter my realm, I shall cherish them. If not---my goodness---there are so many minds and hearts already here, as you so eloquently state--so much to see, feel, smell, taste, hear... Who could ever be lonely or bored?

Dee Gatrell

Thursday 19th of June 2014

Hey Christine, Before I had human grands, I had doggie grands and used to buy them toys, too. Now I have lots of human grands and lots of doggie grand, plus three dogs of our own. My husband is funny, he decided what treats they like best. I ask, "Did they tell you they liked them best or did you taste them?" I only have one doggie grand I do not like. He was a rescue my son in law got and he's bi-polar. He bit me once and he's out of the will!

Christine London

Thursday 19th of June 2014

Oh my---he bit you? That's scary! I guess even dogs can have mental issues. As far as the toys---the favorite ones are the ones all the dogs 'want', even if they do not really want them at all but want to be in charge. Lol.

Sydell Voeller

Thursday 19th of June 2014

A cute article! Even though I'm a grandma to human children, I consider my two cats as part of my grandchildren too.

Christine London

Thursday 19th of June 2014

Those fur babies do sink roots deep into our hearts!

Kadee McDonald

Thursday 19th of June 2014

Fun post! I was a doggy grandma at the ripe old age of 38 with no excuses. My own mother was living then, and even living with us, so I *should* have been the disciplinarian! Remembering how lax I was with the pup, I shudder to think what even worse behaviors took place while I was away at work every day.

Christine London

Thursday 19th of June 2014

That's wonderful Kadee. We do love our canines. Thanks for stopping by :)

grown and flown

Thursday 19th of June 2014

Christine, I completely understand! Our youngest leaves for college in two short months and I am even more grateful for the two labs that will be keeping me company. Thank goodness! MD

Christine London

Thursday 19th of June 2014

Of golly---empty nest is on tap! Thanks heavens for doggies!

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