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Glamourous – More or Less

We at Midlife Boulevard love our magazines. But we also have been faced with the truth – we’re a little, um, old for some publications. Dana Hemelt refuses to give up her favorite. Read more from Dana on her blog, Kiss My List.


I am the oldest living subscriber to Glamour magazine.

Our relationship started in my freshman year of college, when receiving mail was like winning the lottery. I renewed without hesitation year after year. Other magazines came and went. I had a fling with Parents magazine for a few years, until her expectations became too high and I just couldn’t measure up. Shape magazine promised me the moon, but didn’t deliver. Never one to be exclusive, I also enjoy other publications that fulfill me in ways that Glamour cannot. Entertainment Weekly is a no strings attached fling, and I’ve recently hooked up with Oxygen because I like her tough girl attitude.

But Glamour, I just can’t quit you. I’ve been tempted to stray, especially when I was propositioned by a new magazine. This one promised it was just for me, and that it knew what I wanted and needed.

Glamourous - More or Less: Magazines

Maybe I should act my age. While I’m still in Glamour’s target audience of women ages 18-49, what do I really have in common with a young woman only two years older than my own daughter?

My new suitor More, however, is a smooth talker. She says she’s for “women of style and substance.” My style is certainly no longer short shorts and bikinis,  and in addition to having more substance in the tummy and derriere, I’d like to think I have more in the brain and heart too.

I took the plunge and subscribed to More. It was a bit awkward when both magazines arrived in my mailbox on the same day, but I kept them separated and spent equal time with each one.

glamour vs more magazine

More has its good points. I can begrudgingly relate to many of the articles, and I appreciate beauty advice that I can actually use. But while the articles may be meatier and more age appropriate, I just can’t get past some of the ads and the fashion. Perhaps I’m clinging to my youth, but isn’t age a state of mind? These ads aren’t helping:

Glamourous - More or Less: More Magazine

Fortunately, I am not yet dealing with these issues, and these ads make me feel like I’m reading an AARP magazine. Which may be all well and good for Anita, age 66 (in the top right ad), but I am Dana, age closer-to-21-than-66. Barely, but still.

Beyond the ads, I miss the snark of my Glamour. Where are the memes that make me laugh? Where are the Do’s and Don’ts columns, complete with the black bar over the faces of the fashion Don’ts? I’m dating reading a magazine, not the Wall Street Journal. I want to be entertained!

It comes down to this: Do I want to be one of the oldest fish in the pond, or one of the youngest? I can skip over the dating/wedding/early career material in Glamour, or the retirement/hair regrowth material in More. Because on the pages in between, both magazines give me what I want and need.

So maybe I do want More, although I’m not quite ready to commit on a permanent basis. I’ll stick with my long time love, because I’m not old enough to give up Glamour.

I am going to look into getting a senior citizen subscription discount, though.

Dana Hemelt

In her head, Dana is the next great novelist, stand up comic, fashionista, and interior decorator trapped in the body and life of a suburban mom. Her two teenagers disagree, but love her anyway. Her first published work was a logic puzzle picked up by a game magazine in the early 1990s. Now she writes whatever she wants on her blog, Kiss my List. (link to blog: http://kissmylist.coom

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Tuesday 7th of April 2015

At 54 I made the decision to finally give up Cosmopolitan...but Glamour I can never let go of...for this would mean I am "old"..thank goodness for my 22 year old daughter .....the mail carrier thinks the magazine is for her!


Wednesday 8th of April 2015

Good point, Anne! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who holds onto her Glamour.

Carol Graham

Monday 6th of April 2015

WOW -- I used to be a 'heavy' subscriber to Glamour but not for years. I used to get Cosmopolitan at the same time. How about you?

Dana Hemelt

Tuesday 7th of April 2015

Carol, I have never subscribed to Cosmo - can you believe it? I do like my Entertainment Weekly fix though. Too many fashion magazines and I start to feel frumpy.

Dana Hemelt

Monday 6th of April 2015

I balance out my heavy reading with the lighter magazines, Kirsten! Sometimes I wonder if it keeps me young, though. I feel pretty old each time I finish a new issue!


Monday 6th of April 2015

Dana just cracks me up. For someone who does amazing book reviews, I am horrified that she reads Glamour (LOL). We all need some fun in our lives, if Glamour does it for you, I say keep on reading it. It will help keep you young!

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