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Game of Thrones Season Premiere Recap



Game of Thrones Season Five Premiere – The Wars to Come

On Sunday night as we watched with baited breath to see what’s happening with the characters we’ve grown to love and love to hate, the Game of Thrones Season Five premiere gave us just a glimpse.

The episode opened with a young Cersei having her fortune told by the witch Maggy, who allowed her three questions. Two of her prophecies have already come true – that Cersei’s husband the king would have 20 children and she herself would have just 3. The third prediction was that she would be overthrown as Queen by a “younger and more beautiful” queen. That might just explain her unnatural hatred for Margaery Tyrell, who seems poised to take over the kingdom with her impending marriage to Tommen, and is undeniably younger and more beautiful.



To the North we see Jon Snow being an unwilling go between for Stannis and Mance Rayder. Mance, remaining true to himself and his people, the Wildlings, refuses to bend the knee and instead chooses to die by fire. Jon does the only thing he can do for Mance and shoots his burning body through the heart with his arrow so Mance’s subjects will not have to hear his dying screams. We will have to wait for episode two to see Stannis’ reaction.



We see Tyrion making it to safety, thanks to Varys. So far he’s drowning his sorrows and having a one man pity party in reflection of all he’s done to get to this place. Varys, however, has other plans for Tyrion and wants him to join Daenerys in Mereen to help her take the throne that’s rightfully hers.



In the East Daenerys is still ruling Mereen with an iron fist, but things around her are spiraling out of control and we see just a glimpse of how the politics there are affecting her. Her other, bigger problem is that she has completely lost control of her dragons. She has chained Rhaegal and Viserion in a dungeon and has lost Drogon to the skies. They are growing and she has become afraid of them, rather than empowered by them as she was when they were just born.



Episode one barely glanced over the stories of Sansa Stark and Brienne of Tarth. Most noticeably absent from the season premiere was Arya Stark who escaped by boat headed for Braavos at the close of season four. The premiere definitely left us wanting more. How is the power going to shift this season? What characters will we lose and what new players will emerge? Just what are “the wars to come”?

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Anne Parris

Monday 20th of April 2015

I've very excited about this season! The first episode was slow, as they usually are, but last night's episode was going somewhere. Happy to see what Arya is up to!

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