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Five Days Without the Internet

The five days I didn’t have internet access at home were painful and strangely wonderful – just not at the same time.

It all started one morning when I went to my desk, coffee in hand, as I always do, to start my day. A few clicks and nothing. No bars. No Safari. Nothing.

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Hence, several frustrating hours with our DSL carrier: automated service -holding –  a technician I couldn’t understand – holding again – testing the line over the phone – more holding – getting disconnected – only to start the whole hair pulling process over again, and so on. Several hours later it was discovered the root of our problem seemed to be a faulty modem, but not to worry, they would overnight it to us. Hallelujah.

Two days pass and no modem. Panic set in. How will I survive another day without internet? Email? Facebook? Pinterest? And, heaven forbid, Twitter? Thankfully, my cell phone had internet, but it was an old model BlackBerry and I nearly went blind from reading the tiny screen. (Just so you know, I’ve since updated to an iPhone.)

Desperate, I called my DSL carrier – AGAIN. The technician couldn’t have been more pleasant, apologizing robotically with the same line over and over again. “Please” I begged, “no need to apologize, just bring me back my internet. And hurry!”

So I did what anybody would do desperate for Wi-Fi. I went to the nearest Starbucks. The only problem is I like to work in a place that’s quiet and private, like home. Somewhere I can be in my pajamas (but I tell you people it’s yoga pants), somewhere I can have my hair piled on top of my head and my funky reading glasses on with nary a stitch of makeup. I can’t be caught dead like this. Even in desperate times vanity rears it’s well coiffed head.

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Maura Sweeney

Sunday 5th of January 2014

I can relate - not once, but twice! We had this odd situation with squirrels eating into our digital service lines. It left us without internet service for up to five days as we waited for FIOS to come out and install a new cable impervious to those wire-hungry animals. Forget the pajamas and yoga pants. All I could think of was, "Hello, Laura Ingles! We're out on the Prairie!" (I hope that's how she spelled her last name)

Bohemian Babushka

Saturday 4th of January 2014

Here from the MB hop and I don't know how you did it. I went ONE DAY without internet and... yeah, not a proud moment. Hoping you have an internet steady 2014; BB2U.

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