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Is it just me or do you also not wear the absolute latest thing in fashion until its been knocking around for a few years? I was in bootcut jeans, eking out every penny’s worth of wear before migrating to skinnies. This is not only due to frugality, although that is useful, but more that to my mind until a trend has become a Trend,  I would resemble the sad piece of mutton that I am rather than the youthful modish fashionista that I would be aiming for.

Fashion Forward?


To me there is something aging about wearing the first flash of fashion. Maybe because the outset of a fresh new look is aimed at the young and it needs to be seasoned, mellowed, and toned down a little to be styled for those over forty. To my mind there is  something appropriate about commonality. The more we see the occurrence of a ‘Look’ then the more it is the norm. This is the point at which I dive in. It’s the moment at which I do not feel that I am aging myself in my hipness. Am I alone, I wonder? Am I depriving myself of youthful fashion verve by jumping in once it’s at the peak of commonality? Is my approach in itself aging?
This week I embraced -no. that’s too strong -I nervously experimented with ankle boots combined with a skirt. I felt that as this blend of two quite ordinary items had been seen last year then possibly I could get away with it. So unsure was I that I tweeted it before I left the house to ask whether it looked fine. Yes, was the answer from those in the know “Were the boots waterproof?” A sensible question from a man. I was reassured further when I noticed that the female ticket collector on the train was wearing the same look and her face was my age. My plan was to wear the ankle boots to the office and change into my normal heels on arrival. I found them so comfortable that two days later I was still sporting the boots with a skirt and not once have I slipped on my normal office heels.

Leggings! Another perfect example of my lack of fashion forward thinking. First time around, in my twenties, I saw leggings as slightly racy. I teamed them with long jumpers and boots, and was at the forefront of fashion. This time I am braving the leggings a year or so after my daughters, and then nervously. When I have worn leggings so far, the dark has been my friend. I  have ventured in them to a 50th birthday disco party. Pleather leggings seemed relatively appropriate with a glittery rear-covering tunic. I would add that I am lucky enough to be the same weight as when I left school so figure-wise, I can get away with these leg huggers, although face-wise I have doubts.

Am I aging myself in not being fashion forward? Should I have embraced the skinny jean earlier? What should I be embracing now?

Anna of the Mutton Years

I am a modern middle age lady in the UK, enjoying, no experiencing, the mutton years. Along with a prominent position in the corporate world I muddle through with growing up offspring and a menagerie. My life is chaotic and my blog reflects my chaos. Let's not be guilty about juggling these balls but embrace it.

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Thursday 2nd of April 2015

So funny! We want to look stylish but not ridiculous. I love my skinny jeans (normally wear the boot cut for.... boots); but I haven't tried the leggings outside of gym wear. I'm terrified I'll get snickered at and my cellulite will show. :)

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