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I Embraced My Silver Hair

Fashion blogger Glenda Harrison looks good with silver hair! Take a look at Glenda and her stylish posts on her blog.


This August I celebrated my 1 year anniversary in embracing my silver hair! I end the sentence with an exclamation mark because I am indeed excited about my decision to do let it shine.

Let’s be honest, my decision to ditch the dye wasn’t an easy decision. The choice was made after deciding to make a change in my life – a change to find the true Glenda; to stop living to please others; and to live my life in the present. Going in search of my authentic self ran parallel with my youngest son’s obvious looks of disdain each time I reached for the dye. However one particular evening last August, and the night before we left for a family vacation, he voiced concern resonated with me more than ever before…

I Embraced My Silver Hair

“Why are you dying your hair?”
“Because it makes me feel better about myself.”
And then finally the response which caused me to change direction…
“Why? It’s filled with chemicals and It’s not real.”

The words It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real, were on repeat in my head, like a scratched record (did I just date myself?). I said nothing more, instead, I closed the lid on the chestnut-brown #5 bottle I held in my hand, and tossed it into the trash. I found myself staring at the reflection in the mirror and wondering why I did dye my hair? My son’s ‘It’s not real’ statement was more than a reminder of the dye ingredients. It was, in fact, my eye-opener and the gateway to embracing my authentic self. How could I truly embrace Glenda, when each time I dyed my hair, it covered and concealed my silver crown? How could I truly live in the moment, when each time I dyed my hair, I pretended to be in days of the past? The answer was very simple and poignant – I couldn’t.

The following day, my family left for vacation to the Grand Canyon and then on to a family wedding in Las Vegas. Now on display were my shining silver curls. I planned several cute outfits around my hair to accentuate the silver. – beautiful white tops, delicate silver jewelry, vibrant shades of turquoise. Since the silver was going to be a part of my life, then I will make it work.

As I ponder my transition from chestnut-brown #5 to silver, I think back over the year with great pride. I am constantly approached by men and women who tell me how much they like my hair. Men often state they wish their wives would do the same. And women, well, they congratulate me on being brave enough to take the step. I guess it would be considered a brave move. This world has us so fearful of being middle-aged that we’re willing to do just about anything to camouflage the truth. My truth – I’m 49, I feel beautiful and free, but most of all, I feel like me.



Glenda K. Harrison

From the runway to your personal closet, be it advice on the proper attire, or suggestions on how to live life to the fullest, readers throughout the world are being inspired by connecting to “So What to Twenty”, a style blog by creator, author, and freelance style contributor, Glenda K. Harrison, graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with a degree in Marketing and Merchandising. Although fashion and style are important to her, Harrison's real passion is reminding others of the importance of self-love and using one's God-given gifts and talents. Her blog inspires readers to view fashion as an all-encompassing vehicle and encourages women to explore their personal gifts, style, power, and, most importantly, inner beauty. Harrison has been quoted saying, "I view my clothing as the cast of characters in my life, and together we tell the story of Glenda." The death of her mother spurred Harrison to launch A Daughter's Heart in 2008, a cancer support service that partnered with hospitals to provide love and support to women undergoing cancer treatment. She put aside that work to focus on her lifelong dream of touching lives through her writing and her passionate point of view on the subject of style. Harrison has authored an inspirational memoir titled, A Place Called Peace, and, True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface. Both available on CreateSpace eStore and Amazon.

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Saturday 26th of September 2015

I too, ditched the dye last year and amazingly, I have had so many compliments on my hair style and color. Something I NEVER had before. I noticed that my outfits are much more striking with my silver hair. White looks better on me than it ever did before. I look at old pictures from before, and I admit, I still like myself with brown hair. But I doubt that I will ever go back. Congratulations to you on celebrating yourself, the real you!


Monday 28th of September 2015

Hi Arell and congratulations to you too! This is what I believe...I think society sees to little women with silver hair - when we do spot someone with a nice hair style, cut and silver, we are completely in awe of it. I too receive so many compliments from men and women. Women always follow up with you're so brave. I think it's sad women feel like they have to put on armor in order to let the hair take it's natural course.


Friday 18th of September 2015

You are brave. My sister has beautiful white hair and people stop her all the time to complement. Her color of clothes are different now too. Silvers and blues just pop. I was just talking with a friend yesterday and told her in 2.5 years I calculate I will be about 85% white. and will stop coloring my hair and cut it short for the grow out. I have a plan and my friend who is 28 days older than me and we have been friends since kindergarten said, "but it will make you look old!" Of course my reply is in 2.5 years we are bona fide OLD.

Glenda Harrison

Friday 18th of September 2015

Hi Haralee! Thank you for commenting. Funny thing, My silver hair doesn't make me feel old in the least. I feel like, excited about life, and yes, brave. But not because I ditched the dye, but because I'm celebrating a new chapter in my life and it stars - ME.

Like your friend, I enjoy wearing white, blues, greens and other colors which highlight my silver curls. I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

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