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How to Master the Art of Fashion Foreplay

fashion foreplay and feeling your best leads to looking your bestWe know the act of making love begins far before the couple enters the bedroom. The two engage in an enticing tangle that includes sensual conversation, the receiving of surprise love notes, the whispering of sweet nothings, delicate kisses placed on the nape of the neck … it’s getting hot in here! Feeling sexy in our clothing should begin with the same type of seduction as the manner in which we set the mood for our romantic interludes. This can be achieved when you master the art of Fashion Foreplay.

Trust me when I say, fashion foreplay mustn’t be pushed to the side if you want to feel sexy as hell in your clothing. Before you decide what to put on your back, it is, without a doubt, the most vital part of setting the mood. Whether you’re opting for jeans and t-shirt, or you’re venturing out to the theater in a silky, black slip dress, the results can feel the same – a smoldering sensuality that no one can deny. Let me show you how it’s done.

Eight Steps To Mastering Fashion Foreplay

Step One: Let’s face it; a healthy body is a sexy body. Taking the time to care for your physical health is a sure-fire way to feel extraordinary in anything you decide to wear.

Step Two: Fall passionately in love with the skin you’re in. Regardless of your age, good skin care is very important. When we have a healthy glow, it demonstrates our vitality. I’m a huge fan of natural, plant derived skin care products because they keep my skin baby soft and the herbal scents are simply orgasmic. They’re delightful!

Step Three: Treat yourself to a steamy, aromatherapy bath. Allow the scent to permeate your senses. While you’re indulging in your soak, use this time to gently exfoliate your entire body. You want to prepare your skin for the intoxicating feel of your favorite body oil or soufflé.

Step Four: Now that your skin is prepped, dry yourself with a warm, fluffy towel. With slow circular motions, gently apply your favorite moisturizer onto your warm, damp skin. Doesn’t that feel good?

Step Five: Dab your sensory points with your favorite perfume or oil. My favorite scent is an oil called Rain by Terra Nova (affiliate link) – a tantalizing scent of dewy clover, spring lilies and sheer musk that is guaranteed to drive anyone in my vicinity wild.

Step Six: Never leave home without pretty undies. Even if no one else sees them, wearing pretty undergarments can be your own little secret!

Step Seven: Whether you’re a fresh-faced beauty, or require a bit of makeup, don’t forget to apply the added touches – lipstick or balm, styling of the hair, etc.

Step Eight (Final): This is your final step in Mastering the Art of Fashion Foreplay! Select what you’re going to wear. Guess what, if you’ve made it this far, you can wear a garbage bag and the results will be uncompromisingly sexy. Why? Because you took the time to love yourself first, and by doing this, you’ll exude an uncanny confidence that is attractive in its self. I’m a firm believer that sexy stems from how you feel internally. It oozes from your pores. Which explains how a woman in distressed jeans and tee can look strikingly appealing. Having this self-assuredness always leads to a climatic outcome – which is what we all want!

Glenda K. Harrison

From the runway to your personal closet, be it advice on the proper attire, or suggestions on how to live life to the fullest, readers throughout the world are being inspired by connecting to “So What to Twenty”, a style blog by creator, author, and freelance style contributor, Glenda K. Harrison, graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with a degree in Marketing and Merchandising. Although fashion and style are important to her, Harrison's real passion is reminding others of the importance of self-love and using one's God-given gifts and talents. Her blog inspires readers to view fashion as an all-encompassing vehicle and encourages women to explore their personal gifts, style, power, and, most importantly, inner beauty. Harrison has been quoted saying, "I view my clothing as the cast of characters in my life, and together we tell the story of Glenda." The death of her mother spurred Harrison to launch A Daughter's Heart in 2008, a cancer support service that partnered with hospitals to provide love and support to women undergoing cancer treatment. She put aside that work to focus on her lifelong dream of touching lives through her writing and her passionate point of view on the subject of style. Harrison has authored an inspirational memoir titled, A Place Called Peace, and, True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface. Both available on CreateSpace eStore and Amazon.

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Walker Thornton

Friday 19th of August 2016

Nice suggestions, I agree that feeling good about ourselves is the first step to feeling sexy and good in whatever we wear. Or don't wear....

Glenda Harrison

Friday 19th of August 2016

Hi Walker! Thank you for your comment. It means a great deal coming from you, knowing your expertise.

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